home remedies for diabetic nerve pain in feet

Nerve damage from diabetes – also called neuropathy – occurs in about half of all people with diabetes, in line with the American Diabetes affiliation. There are several different neuropathy types, and some even affect your organs, like your eyes. With peripheral neuropathy, which is the kind of neuropathy that affects your feet or hands, symptoms can vary from pain to tingling to numbness or a “pins and needles” feeling.

Here are a few ways to assist save you from peripheral neuropathy.

Maintain your blood sugar under control:

You’ve heard this advice earlier than, however it bears repeating. Diabetic nerve damage is caused by bad blood sugar manipulate through the years. “Extremely good blood glucose control is crucial in each stopping diabetic neuropathy and maintaining current neuropathy from worsening,” says licensed registered nurse practitioner Kristin Brown of the Diabetes middle. That is a part of The center for Endocrinology at Mercy clinical center in Baltimore. Eat a healthful food regimen and take your medicines or insulin as directed. If vital, paintings with a registered dietitian to assist with meal planning.

Wear shoes that fit you nicely:

This is because ill-fitting shoes could irritate your feet. However, in case you don’t have feeling for your toes, you may now not understand it. Work with a podiatrist to find the right-fitting shoes and socks for you.

Don’t go barefoot and beach:


You may sense you’re missing out within the summer. But it’s now not really worth it in case you get a reduce and don’t comprehend it. Leading to a contamination, says registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator Ginny Mirenzi. Untreated infections can lead to other health problems and raise the risk of amputations. these are more common in those with diabetes. In fact, Derocha has had patients who have lost limbs up to their thighs due to poor blood sugar control. “You don’t necessarily feel awful now, but the consequences [of poor blood sugar control] can be devastating,” she says.

non diabetic peripheral neuropathy
home remedies for diabetic nerve pain in feet
Stay away from anything for neuropathy

Inspect and clean your feet daily:

If you don’t have feeling in your feet, you may not know if you’ve stepped on a thumbtack or a piece of glass, leaving your foot with an untreated injury. Look closely at your feet daily use a mirror if necessary and check for sores, cuts, blisters, calluses, ingrown toenails, toenail fungus, redness or signs of infections. Take some step of the home remedies for diabetic nerve pain in feet.

Keep moving:

Exercise helps to improve circulation in your hands and feet, and that can help you fight neuropathy. A physical therapist or exercise specialist can advise you on safe exercises to avoid injury.

See your doctor regularly:

Generally speaking, people with diabetes will see their physician each three months. in case you think you’ve evolved any of the symptoms of neuropathy, permit him or her realize. that may prompt testing for neuropathy or remedies that may help the circumstance. Your primary care medical doctor should regularly take a look at your feet for any issues. Take off your footwear and socks at some point of your appointments to assist remind your medical doctor to do the check, Mirenzi shows.

Consider acupuncture:

The historic Chinese approach of acupuncture allows to restore qi, or electricity, to your body. Although it doesn’t work for everyone. Derocha has some patients who have found. It helps neuropathy over the long term. This normally approach trying more than one consultation.

Try capsaicin cream:

Capsaicin is what makes hot peppers hot, and some people find that that the cream helps reduce pain from peripheral neuropathy. You apply the cream a few times a day. Just be careful when applying it, as it can get messy.

Strive supplements:

Alpha lipoic acid, observed in meals like spinach, carrots, broccoli and potatoes, is an antioxidant this is observed in a few research to help control blood sugar. it is also thought to assist the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, in keeping with the college of Maryland scientific middle. Ask your physician about any side consequences from supplements and in case you ought to avoid any supplements due to some other medicines you use.

Stay away from anything for neuropathy:

When people are in a lot of pain, they’re more willing to try different things to help. However, if there was one cure-all for neuropathy, everyone would be using it, Derocha says. Watch out for any treatment that is costly or sounds fishy. You can take step the neuropathy treatment home remedies.

Follow your medications for neuropathy:

The suggestions here to help non diabetic peripheral neuropathy are meant to be used in addition to any medications your doctor may suggest. Common medicinal drugs prescribed for neuropathy encompass tricyclic, antidepressants duloxetine, gabapentin and pregabalin.


Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a common problem among diabetic patients. The associated tingling and numbness in the limbs and extremities can lead to skin ulcers. Careful monitoring by a physician. Long-term care is possible with the help of physicians and effective self-care at home.


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