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3 performance-enhancing Android apps

6 efficiency-enhancing Android apps

That smart equipment prevent time so you can get immediately to work.

Your phone is now essentially your personal assistant and like any aide. It needs the right set of tools to do its task correctly.

The coolest news? As an Android person, you have got no shortage of efficiency-enhancing options. 6 Apps to Improve Your Android Phone’s Performance. Unlike other mobile structures, Android provides you the opportunity to customize and manage the center user interface to make it higher suited to your needs.

1. Snap Swipe Drawer


Android’s home display screen widgets have long been one of the platform’s maximum beneficial and most underutilized functions. In case you aren’t acquainted with ’em, widgets are basically live windows into your apps that make it less difficult with a purpose to see and engage with positive styles of information — by using scrolling via your inbox, for instance, or peeking at upcoming occasions for your calendar, all without ever having to open the related app or do any digging around. With Snap Swipe Drawer, you can free up your widgets from the home display screen and get admission to them from everywhere inside the system.

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2. Boomerang Notifications

This year’s upcoming Android O release includes a feature I’ve long pined for: the ability to snooze notifications and have them reappear later, similar to what you can do with emails in Google Inbox.

If past upgrade cycles are any indication, most people probably won’t get Android O on their phones for quite a while. TOP 3 APPS TO BOOST ANDROID SYSTEM PERFORMANCE. Aside from Pixel and Nexus owners, for whom timely rollouts are part of the package. But don’t despair: You can actually start snoozing your alerts right now with the aid of a Boomerang Notifications App. Install Boomerang Notifications, and you may see an option to snooze a notification whenever you swipe one away.

3. Clip Layer

Somehow, in 2017, copying text on a smartphone is still a major pain. Selecting the right start and stop point seems to require a surgeon’s level of precision, and some apps make it altogether impossible to highlight and copy the words you want. Apps for Android phones.

Clip Layer is here to help. The “experimental” Microsoft-made app makes it dead simple to select text anywhere within Android — no matter what app you’re using or what’s on your screen. All you do is press and hold your phone’s Home key, and Clip Layer highlights every section of visible text. 6 efficiency-enhancing Android apps. You then tap whatever section or sections you want to copy and touch the “Copy” button at the bottom of the screen (or the “Share” button if you want to send the text directly to another app). Best app to clean and speed up Android.


Using these app, you can save your time and get straight to work.



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