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3 Steps You Need to Take to Build an App That Will Boost Your Business’s Value

Ways to Create Value

Countless businesses and entrepreneurs assume that building an app is a great idea. There is good reason for that: Research by Dot Com Info way shows that mobile apps are expected to generate $77 billion in revenue for businesses this year.

However, not all that wealth is being spread around: Forrester Research reveals that only a fraction of the 2.8 million available apps out there are ever actually used. What most businesses and entrepreneurs fail to realize is that just because you build an app — even if there’s a “cool idea” behind it — doesn’t mean people want it. Increase the business value of your network.

1. Link up with your values. Define the core values you offer as a company, then make sure your app is in line with them. A mobile app doesn’t have to be a mobile catalog or a smaller version of the corporate website. In fact, mobile is best when it offers something you can’t get on another platform — as long as that offering is an extension of your brand rather than a random set of bells and whistles. Ways to Create Value.

Starbucks is a prime example of a company that has built an app that is entirely “on brand” and adds value to its customers. From its fonts and colors to its layout and seamless user experience, the app feels like a Starbucks in your pocket rather than a separate entity. It makes ordering and paying for a beverage easy, and it’s paying dividends for the coffee giant. Improve Business Value and Sale Price.

2. Exploit the tools in front of you. Look toward catering to an underserved segment of your audience with quality visuals and UX to amplify the experience. The limitations of the mobile experience aren’t limitations at all if you use them to your advantage: For example, smaller screens necessitate less complicated features.


Tinder, the popular dating app, relied on the simplicity of its mobile interface to completely revolutionize dating (for better or for worse), while Bumble flipped the script by incorporating familiar tools in a female-focused context.

Adds value to its customers

3. Use mobile to supplement your brand’s value. In many cases, if your customers want to buy something from you, they can do it via your website or brick-and-mortar store. Rather than attempting to drive sales with a mobile app, consider using that app to augment your product and provide an ecosystem for its adoption.

Example: The Audi Connect app lets users lock their cars, find their cars, set timers and more — all from their mobile devices. customer experience or measure customer satisfaction.


Your app can add value to current and future customers in a multitude of ways. If you prioritize users over the app itself and align its functionality with your core business, you may just rise above the multitudes and hit that “top downloads” nirvana you’ve always dreamed of.

Ways to Create Value


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