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4 Signs Your Pet Might Be Sick

symptoms of a sick puppy

Whether your pet is young or old, these health warning signs are easy to catch. Can make a distinction. Check out 4 warning signs that your cat or dog is sick.

The signs aren’t always obvious when your puppy is unwell. A healthy pet is one that is content, alert, active, has an appetite and maintains an appropriate weight for his type and breed. because cats and dogs can’t complain when feeling unwell. you have to watch for changes in behavior and routine. (Cats especially may hide symptoms until they are seriously ill.) right here are four things to watch for, says vet Eric Carnegy, of Carnegy Animal Hospital in Halifax.

how do you know if your dog is sick?

1. Look for Chewed Plants

Carnegy says “ingesting houseplants allows the pet to regurgitate something can be inflicting stomach troubles,”

Warning Signs Your pet sick. In summer, they might eat grass. If you’re giving him a new type of food, that is sick dog signs. Try switching back to the regular one, and if he continues to feed on your greenery, talk to your vet. sick dog signs

how do you know if your dog is sick

2.  Are They Drinking Too Much?

If, suddenly, you’re constantly replenishing the water. this can sign a severe problem. It could be diabetes or problems with the kidneys. For diabetes other symptoms include frequent trips to the litter box or backyard to urinate. Unexplained weight loss and a large appetite. Its symptoms of a sick puppy

3.  Watch Out for Frequent Floor Rubbing

In case your pet rubs his ears or backside along the floor, that’s a signal of infection. he’s seeking to relieve the infection says Carnegy. “Fleas are one example, but cats and dogs can also have skin infections, allergic reactions, fungal conditions or mites.”

4. Monitor Your Pet’s Mood

“If your dog is normally friendly and calm but all of a sudden is nasty, it may be hypothyroidism,” says Carnegy. And when pets are in pain. they may become irritable and fearful of being held, which could make them snap or bite.

We should keep our pets healthy all the time. Caring for them.

symptoms of a sick puppy


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