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5 Reasons Your Dog Smell Bad

my dog’s ears stink

like every responsible canine owner, you frequently shower your domestic dog. You maintain up on flea and tick medicines. You feed him a wholesome, nicely-rounded food plan. for a fact your dog has now not been sprayed by means of a skunk.

No longer all dog’s stink but yet, somehow, your canine stinks. a few puppies are simply stinker than others, right? there may be a myriad of reasons why your canine may additionally smell funky. Even in case you are maintaining a strict hygiene routine. What causes dogs to smell bad? right here are matters to search for in case you find your canine smelling. Even after the most thorough of baths.


1. Ear Infections

My dog’s ears stink a bacterial infection with ear discharge might also be the source of the smell. in spite of recurring bathing, certain dogs are vulnerable to ear infections. that could cause odorous bacteria buildup. puppies with big, floppy ears, such as Basset Hounds. Are greater prone to those smelly infections. no longer simplest are those infections unpleasant to the nostril. they may be additionally painful for your puppy and might cause hearing problems or loss if left untreated. To keep away from those infections, be sure to robotically easy out your canine’s ears. Be cautious about going too deep and accidentally injuring your canine. in case your dog suffers from persistent ear infections, it is able to be allergic reaction associated as well. communicate for your vet about allergic reaction checking out for your canine and a path of treatment.


2. Anal Sacs

Anal sacs, additionally called anal glands. Are positioned on each aspect of the canine’s anus. The glands top off with a nasty smelling substance. a number of that’s released every time your dog poops. For a few dogs, however, the anal sacs can grow to be impacted or inflamed. inflicting that nasty smelling substance to subtly leak. And placing your dog in an excessive amount of soreness. signs and symptoms that your dog’s anal sacs are bothering her consist of sliding her bottom on the floor to relieve itchiness. And consistent licking of the region, at the side of a now not-so-pleasant musky heady scent. if your dog is experiencing any of those signs. take her to the vet to have her anal sacs expressed manually.My dog stinks no matter what i do? Give him a bath, if he smells after the bath or within a week or two get to the vet and find out what’s wrong with him.

my dog's skin smells bad

3. Pores and skin troubles

My dog’s skin smells bad. if you have a “wrinkly” dog – a canine with pores and skin folds which include a Shar Pei, Pekingese, or Bulldog. you have to maintain an eye on your canine’s skin folds. puppies with this type of skin are liable to skin fold dermatitis. that’s technology for “stinky pores and skin situation.” Use specially made pores and skin fold cloths or baby wipes to gently. And often easy the folds to keep away from infection and funky smells.

4. Flatulence

when you have a stinky canine, ask yourself this: is the scent ON him or coming FROM him? Intestinal troubles can cause puppy fuel so effective. it may clear a room and every now and then. stick with the offender lengthy after it’s been launched. in case your dog has been extra gassy as of overdue. speak on your vet approximately viable nutritional chances to assist relieve the signs.

5. Grimy Beds

So you have allergens at bay. Your canine’s ears and anal glands have become all of the love they deserve, and but your dog still stinks? Your canine’s bedding can be the offender. A smooth canine that rolls around and sleeps on a stinky bed will become stinky. After being bathed, some puppies might also even roll on “grimy” bed. Surfaces to get again their signature doggy smell. To keep away from having a clean canine turning into smelly right after bathing. Wash your canine’s bedding and supply them a tub at the same day.


My dog smells so bad all the time. As I mentioned earlier, a yeast overgrowth in the ears can cause a musty odor. And there are many other reasons. The described above.

my dog stinks no matter what I do


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