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5 things to know about Snapchat’s new Snap Map feature

Snap Map

Snap Map gives you a glimpse of what’s going on around you through one of the many lenses of Snapchat.

Snap Map is exactly what it sounds like: An easy way to share your Snaps, on a map, with friends. There’s even an option to share a Snap with fellow Snapchat users who aren’t your friends, without revealing your account info. To get started with the new feature, you’ll need to update the Snapchat app on your device. Do that, then follow along as we detail five things you should know about Snapchat’s Snap Map.

Where to find it

The only way to access Snap Map is to use the familiar two-finger pinch-to-zoom gesture on the main screen of Snapchat. If you pinch-to-zoom by spreading your fingers apart, the app will instead zoom your phone’s camera. Pinching so your fingers get closer together launches the Snap Map feature.

As private as you make it

The first time you access Snap Map you’re walked through setting your privacy preferences. You can pick from Ghost Mode, My Friends or Select Friends. Opting for the last option will display a list of friends for you to pick and choose from.

You’re not constantly tracked

According to Snapchat, your location on Snap Map is only updated when you open the app, instead of working similar to Apple’s Find My Friends app that constantly tracks and shares your whereabouts. Don’t want your friends to know where you’re at for a specifc amount of time? Don’t open Snapchat. Or enable Ghost Mode, which we will get to in a minute. 


Easily view your friends’ whereabouts

If you have friends all over the place and don’t want to zoom in out and on the map to find them, tap on your Bitmoji character and the app will display cards along the bottom of the screen. Swipe left or right on the cards scroll through your friends.

Heat map of Snaps

If you don’t yet have any friends who’ve added a snap to the map, it’s going to look a bit lonely. However, you may notice various colors on the map. They look a lot like a heat map, with start at blue, then yellow, then red.

enable Ghost Mode


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