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5 Tips for Rotating Your Dog’s Protein Source

is it ok to switch dog food flavors

A trending subject matter amongst dog lovers is rotating their puppy’s protein source. This basically approach you change the protein supply of your dog’s meals periodically: on every day, weekly, or month-to-month time table. you would possibly pass from beef, to fish, to pork and so on. With these day’s canine ingredients, your options are limitless.

Specialists advise protein rotation for a variety of reasons. a few humans believe, prolonged feeding of the same meals for lengthy periods of time can motive allergic reactions manifesting in a variety of signs and symptoms along with itchy skin, hot spots, disappointed stomach and more. Whatever your reasons for rotating your pet’s protein source, we’ve got you covered.

how to change a dog’s food? Here are some tips:

1.   Do no longer blend ingredients. Rotating your canine’s protein source does not suggest mixing two (or extra) dog foods collectively.is it ok to switch dog food flavors? Yes its ok for flavors.

2.      how often should i change my dog’s food? Communicate on your vet to provide you with a plan or time table of. how frequently you’ll switch your dog’s protein source. Some experts suggest you switch weekly. whilst others will inform you to empty one bag or supply of meals before switching to an alternate protein source to insure freshness.

3.      Make sure all dog food is sealed well to ensure freshness. and preserve it from going stale. If you use a plastic bin or dog food storage container. Be sure to clean it out thoroughly after every bag of food or residual fats and oils that settle at the bottom should become rancid and contaminate fresh new meals.

4.  Rotation diet for food allergies. Some dogs have sensitive stomachs and converting protein sources can have dissatisfied their tummy. You’ll want to follow the basic rules for changing any dog food. with the aid of steadily mixing in some of the new food beginning at approximately a 25% ratio. And working your manner up from there until you are at 100%. this is generally completed over a 7 to 10-day length however make certain to seek advice from your vet.

5.      Keep an eye on your dog. You will want to consult your vet if your dog is showing signs of a food allergy: chronic ear inflammation, gastrointestinal problems, diarrhea, skin rash, hives, gas, obsessive licking, obsessive scratching and sometimes even nausea or vomiting.

All of these symptoms could indicate that your dog may be allergic to the new protein source or food. However, if your dog was having those issues. And those symptoms stop when you switch protein sources. You should also talk to your vet because they may have had an allergy to the food. You were feeding them and you may not have even known it!


Your responsibility to keep your dog healthy. So you have to be careful that your dog is getting proper nutrition & rotating protein source. If necessary, talk to veterinary doctors.

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