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8 Cool Windows 10 Tricks And Hidden Features You Should Know

Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 10

Cool Windows 10 Tricks and hidden features: –  Ever since the Microsoft has released windows 10, they rolled out number of updates for it. 8 Cool Windows 10 Tricks and Hidden Features You Should Know 2017. That being in the form of Anniversary updates, Creators update they have packed lot of new features with them. Hence windows 10 has number of hidden features and tricks that we should know. Today we are talking about this Windows 10: 8 Hidden Features.

Hidden Tricks Inside Windows 10

1. Automatic lock when you are away

Many times you forget to lock your laptop and you leave open. But with this windows 10 Trick, your computer gets lock automatically when you get away from it. To do so just pair your phone to Laptop by Bluetooth. Now head to the accounts section – sign in options – dynamic lock.

How it works – whenever you get away with your phone from a laptop, the laptop will check the connectivity with the phone. As soon as a phone gets out of Bluetooth range your laptop simply locks itself. It’s Really cool

2. Night Light

Working late night on the desktop might make you seek.  But now thanks to Microsoft, for bringing Night light feature to windows 10 latest update. Night Light actually filters the blue light from the screen.  That can help you sleep better in the night. You can set it to your desired filter setting in the options of night Light.

3. Phone Notifications

Now you can simply sync your phone notification to your windows 10 PC. You just have to download Cortana app from play store or app store, sign in and enable sync option. Similarly, you have to sign in to Cortana on PC and enable notification options in the settings. You can also reply to the notification right from notification panel of windows 10.

4. Storage sense – Smart storage cleanup


There might be cases where you run out of storage. With windows, 10 storage sense feature your computer smartly deletes the unnecessary files. This includes unwanted cache files, files from previous updates, etc.  Just head over to setting – system – storage and enable storage sense. Windows 10: The Best Hidden Features

Windows 10: The Best Hidden Features Tips and Tricks

5. Steps recorder

The latest windows 10 includes a cool step recorder feature, that records all your steps. You can just launch steps recorder from Cortana and hit the start button. Once done hit stop button and windows will let you know what you have recorded in step by step manner.

6. Use Emoji’s everywhere

Using an Emoji’s is now an integral part of our social life. The Sad part is that we can’t use them with the hardware keys of your PC. But wait, Windows 10 has a great feature that you can use Emoji everywhere. Just hit right-click on a task bar and enable ‘show touch keyboard button.’ Now, whenever you want to use Emoji’s just launch the soft keyboard and use any Emoji’s you want. Windows 10: The Best Hidden Features Tips and Tricks. Is it cool😎

7. windows shortcuts

Windows 10 latest update includes lots of hidden shortcuts that can actually help you to type faster. Some cool shortcuts include win+shift+s – selective screen capture, win+ arrow keys – snap the open tabs, etc.

8. Bash shell

Now you can run a command shell as like in Linux architecture. This feature is currently available only for developers and you need to become a developer to use the bash shell feature.

These are the top Hidden features, Tips and Tricks of Windows 10. I hope you liked this and found useful. What are your favorite features of windows 10? 

Hidden features Tips and Tricks of Windows 10


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