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Add police button with IOS 11, coming to iPhone

touch id system

Mobile phone security is more secure on iPhone. In your own operating system IOS 11, you can get locked (lock) on your iPhone immediately. Using fingerprints, one step forward in securing mobile protection, the Apple iPhone maker Apple. The announcement of the iOS 11 was announced this year at the WWDC. In this conference, the worldwide developers, hosted in June, features iOS 11 features. It has touch id system. The feature of locking the iPhone using fingerprint in the master button has already come up. You get help button on iPhone. The ‘Emergency SOS’ feature was uncovered by programmers with access to the beta version of iOS 11. They found that Touch ID was temporarily disabled by rapidly hitting the power button five times. This means that users could not be forced to unlock their phones by attackers or thieves. It also brings up a shortcut to emergency dialer iPhone services, allowing the user to simply swipe right to dial 999. Touch ID is then reactivated by entering your password.

the Emergency SOS feature

On activation, the Emergency SOS feature will send a message to the user’s saved emergency contacts, and also shares their location. The feature will be available on new iPhone models when i0S 11 is publicly released later this year, The Verge reported.


This feature will come in handy for crime control. Michigan police used dead person fingerprints for device access before. However, concerns have been raised over the potential for users being forced to unlock their phones using facial recognition. SOS emergency app will allow the person using it to quickly disable the instant-unlock capabilities, should they believe someone might try and forcibly bypass their phone’s security.

help button on iPhone


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