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Al-Jazeera Twitter account ‘suspended’

al Jazeera Arabic live TV online

DOHA: Qatar-based broadcaster Al-Jazeera said the Twitter account for its main Arabic-language channel was temporarily “suspended” on Saturday, in the latest incident at the station.

al Jazeera Arabic live TV online. A spokesman for the channel said the cut may also be because of a technical trouble. And that all Twitter money owed affected had been lower back on-line.

“Maximum of our Arabic accounts had been blocked, but they are now up-and-running,” the spokesman told AFP. including that it could take several hours for them to be fully restored.

An investigation was taking place to determine the cause.  And technical groups from the broadcaster were seeking to coordinate with Twitter.

Al-Jazeera’s foremost Arabic language account has nearly 12 million fans.

The station’s English-language account turned into unaffected.

The announcement that the online accounts were back came around an hour after. first reports that some of Al-Jazeera’s Twitter accounts had been blocked. This stopped twitter account restore again.

“The main Al-Jazeera Twitter account temporarily suspended. and work is ongoing to remedy the trouble,” Yasser Abuhilalah, managing director of Al-Jazeera Arabic, tweeted.

“Disruption (by others) will not stop because the truth terrifies them. We’ll be back.”

In another tweet, he said no other “channel in the world…faces the identical quantity of conspiracy”.

The incident got here at a time of diplomatic crisis among Qatar and neighboring Gulf nations. And at last Al Jazeera Arabic Twitter account restored.

All diplomatic ties with Doha were reduce on June 5 by several countries including Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates. which accuse Qatar of helping and funding Islamic terrorist groups.

The television channel has lengthy been a goal for criticism with the aid of other middle East nations, with Al-Jazeera banned on several occasions.

earlier this month, Al-Jazeera stated it became combatting a huge-scale cyber-assault.

this stopped twitter account restore
Twitter account temporarily suspended


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