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The amazing destination Palm Springs

palm canyon drive

California is just one of those destinations the Palm Spring is one of the best for traveler. Whether you’re looking for big city sights, a day at the beach or looking to catch a glimpse of the desert. Palm Springs is less than 113 miles from Los Angeles, in the Colorado Desert. It should also be noted that Palm Springs is a fun city any time of year. Although it is seriously hot during the summer months. In the surrounding mountains and canyons are some good hikes. There are number of attractions in town to keep visitors entertained. There’s many romantic things to do in palm springs. Palm Springs is a destination that has always been on top list to visit.  Today we write about the best location of Palm Springs.

Palm Canyon

Palm Canyon is a 15-mile-long canyon wilderness and a bit of an oasis with a creek and waterfalls. Fan palm trees grow abundantly here, giving color and life to the otherwise barren surroundings. The canyon offers some wonderful hiking and from the parking lot there are trails of various lengths. An easy trail leads through the palms and will give you an up close look at the canyon. For the more adventurous, there is a longer trail with views over the canyon and surrounding area. At the parking area there is a Trading Post selling souvenirs, Indian art, and other items. Palm canyon drive is also favorite for tourist.

nice place in palm springs

Coachella Valley Preserve

Located east of Palm Springs, the Coachella Valley hold is a wonderful place for naturalists and outside types. The preserve covers 13000 acres of wasteland landscape. It is home to high-quality horned owls, lynx, hares, kestrels, lizards, snakes, and all kinds of small birds. It is also a nice region to peer some of the local desert flora. Consisting of fan fingers within the oasis. It’s a nice place to visit in palm spring. It’s a nice secret spots in palm springs.

Palm Springs Art Museum

The Palm Springs Art Museum is a multifaceted museum offering both displays of artwork and arts. The museum has been in existence since the late 1930s and formerly focused almost exclusively on the desert. However, over the years the direction has shifted to modern and contemporary art, including Native American Art. Permanent collections include paintings, photography, glass, pottery, sculpture, and architecture. It is famous for art.

Mount San Jacinto and Aerial Tramway

The mountain offers good views of the surrounding areas. Its including the Palm Springs Valley, and can be a nice way to escape the heat. Mount San Jacinto rises over 10,000 fit above the desert floor on the edge of Palm Springs. Most visitors only go as far as the aerial tram will take them. Stepping off the tram after being at the dry and usually hot base can be a bit of a shock. The temperature is considerably cooler up here, even in summer, and in the winter there will likely be snow.

In conclusion, we think tourism can be good only if it is sustainable. There’s many nice place in palm springs. These place are the most popular place in Palm Spring.

nice place in palm springs


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