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Argentine football player gives opponent the needle

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Argentina football news latest is an Argentine football player has caused outrage after admitting that, he used a needle to hurt his rivals during a cup match on Sunday.

Federico Allende a defender for decrease-division club recreation Pacifico bragged. In a radio interview approximately the usage of the needle towards strikers. from top-department membership Estudiantes in several times.

Mr. Allende said that, the gamers had to be smart in order to win.

Pacifico’s president Hector Moncada vowed to expel the player.

“We are devastated. This incident has tarnished the group’s precise paintings. I will expel him from the club,” Mr. Moncada informed Clarín newspaper.

Pacifico received the fit three-2 and knocked out Estudiantes from the cup competition in a first-rate disappointed.

Argentina squad the gamers were received like heroes in the small western town. General Alvear when they returned from Buenos Aires, the match was played.

‘He need to hate me’

But the good environment soon turned into a bad news.

Allende gave Cordoba’s Vorterix Radio an interview on Tuesday. In which he said “you need to play dirty” to beat large clubs like Estudiantes de los angeles Plata.

“We knew that we needed to play grimy towards them and that I kept piercing the Estudiantes strikers with a needle.” and brought to the Pacifico defender.

“We realize that top division player argentina don’t like contact. they don’t like if we waste time or if we play dirty, so that was the way to do. Football is like that. Football is for the clever,” Allende told Vorterix Radio.

Colombian striker Juan Otero said Allende jabbed him generally with a needle and that he complained to the referee in the course of the fit.

“I absolutely nullified Otero. He should hate me,” Allende said at the radio.


After listening to the interview, Otero defined Allende as “as a nasty guy”. Argentine player opponent the needle used

Argentine player opponent the needle
Argentine player opponent the needle


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