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‘Arms Review’:I get Knocked Down, but I get up again

Arms Global Testpunch

New announcements just over the horizon at the E3 video game expo in Los Angeles next week. With Arms’ launch for Nintendo Switch just around the corner.  Arms: Nintendo Switch game review.

Arms is an awful lot of fun. It’s essentially a boxing game — but one that gives players cybernetic limbs and the chance to brawl it out in a high-tech arena. Nintendo says diversity was ‘extremely important’ for new Switch Fighter Arms.

You might have already played Arms Global Testpunch trials. When we played it at preview stage, we found it to be deeper than you might think, but how does the final game hold up? ARMS release for Nintendo Switch: What to look forward to.

Game: Arms

Developer: Nintendo

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release: June 16

Price: US $60 / £40 / AU $80


GameSpot — 7/10

In GameSpot’s final Arms review, critic Kallie Plagge called the exclusive title a “strong, substantial fighting game that takes a while to really hit its stride.” It may not have the same skill requirement as other fighting games. But the flexibility and fast thinking it requires secures.

IGN — 8.0/10

Brendan Graeber___”Arms’ clever take on boxing provides a simple premise with a startling amount of depth for those who would seek to master the stretching appendages. Its rapidly evolving lobby system had me sticking around for ‘just one more match.’

Polygon — 8/10

-Michael McWherto –“Arms exudes a level of creativity and mechanical sophistication that feels uniquely Nintendo. It evokes memories of classic Nintendo games like Punch-Out!! While also feeling equally fashionable and modern. With a stylish, memorable cast of characters, inventive gameplay mechanics and smart use of the Switch hardware, Arms already feels like Nintendo’s next great new franchise.”

GamesRadar — 4.5/5

Chris Schilling –“You could quibble over the odd character mismatch, the occasional cheap tactic, the lacklustre training mode.  It’s conflict, and its compromise, and it’s very, very exciting.”

VideoGamer — 5/10

Colm Ahern –“Arms isn’t really a fighting game. But the aim is to pummel your adversary in a best-of-three match-up. It can serve up methodically paced clashes between two competitors. Arms can dole out a battle of wits one minute, and a frustrating button masher the next. Yeah, Arms is a strange beast.”


ARMS is an above-average fighting game is elevated by expressive characters and a great variety of gameplay types and modes.  Arms Review: Another Fun Addition to The Nintendo Switch line-up.

ARMS release for Nintendo Switch What to look forward to


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