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Car crashes into pedestrians outside Amsterdam train station

Amsterdam train station car runs into pedestrians

Eight people have been injured. after a car drove into a crowd of people in Amsterdam.

This incident not terrorism-related… Police said

It is believed the car hit a wall outside. which happened around 9pm. The driving force crashed into pedestrians after then into a wall, before being arrested. the Dutch capital’s central train station after ploughing into the crowd. Amsterdam train station: car runs into pedestrians.

Police said, Eight Injured After Car Crashes. Two people were seriously injured and have been taken to hospital.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Amsterdam Police said, the incident did not seem to be intentional. however, police have stated, there’s no indication the assault into terrorist-associated.

car ploughs into pedestrians outside Amsterdam. The force said, the driver was parked illegally. Pulled away when he was confronted by police, hitting several people before driving into the wall. transported to medical institution and some people were dealt with on the spot.

Police quickly sealed off the street. The driver has been arrested and the car has been searched.

Police spokesperson Marjolein Koek later said “there is no indication in any way that that is a terrorist assault”.

The station remained open following the incident. although the entrance close to the site of the crash changed into closed. Tram visitors has now resumed.

Eight Injured After Car Crashes
incident not terrorism-related


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