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How to Care for A Long-Haired Cat

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Long-haired cats with their luxuriously smooth fur. And beautiful look may be a joy to personal. However, they also require a little more attention within the grooming department. You’ll want to be prepared to brush them frequently and keep mats from forming. Despite the fact that lengthy-haired cats groom themselves like some other cat breed. They still require a few extra help from their owners. Right here are a few guidelines to keep caring for a long haired cat as satisfied as possible.

Special Needs for Special Breeds

How much grooming a long haired cat wishes in reality depends at the kind of long fur she has? A cat with smooth, skinny, silky fur may also not often have tangle problems. However, cats with thicker fur may run into problems often. Persian cat long hair, as an instance, have luxuriously thick, long fur. And they need to be brushed every day and bathed as soon as a month. Their fur tangles without problems. Turkish Angora cats, by using contrast, have no undercoat, so their fur not often tangles, and that they slightly shed. They most effective want to brushed weekly.

Brushing and combing


Buy unique brushes and combs designed mainly for cats for the great effects. You can get these at any pet store. Most cats absolutely love being brushed. So you may find that your cat starts head butting your brush or comb the moment you get it out.  It’s still important to brush her regularly. because long-haired cats are greater prone to hairballs. if you’re introducing a cat to brushing for the start time. Here are some tips from wooden green Animal Charity to help. Allow her scent the comb first so she can be familiar with it. Usually brush in the path of the fur. So the sensation isn’t unsightly. Start at her head, slowly, to assist her get adjusted to the sensation. Keep the first session to just a few minutes, worthwhile her with a treat on the cease. And progressively growth the duration to 15 minutes over time.

Persian cat long hair

Bathing a Long-Haired Cat

Cats with long fur can also need to be bathed. Mainly if they end up with an unfortunate trouble of getting a few litter or feces stuck of their fur. A few cats will chew or claw you if you try and put them in a bath. However, other cats – including maximum Maine Coons — will clearly like it. Especially if you make the bathtub water warm enough. If you could introduce your cat to bathing when she’s a kitten. You’ll have the nice results. However, if now not. Test out these pointers from Cat Time on the way to introduce your cat to being bathed. How often should i bathe my cat? Bathe your cat every month to month and a half.

Coping with Mats

Long-haired cats are especially prone to matted fur. If your cat’s fur gets matted. You would possibly want to clip away the mats. Do so gently, being careful not to pull too hard on the fur. Keep in mind to use special cat clippers. Which you buy out of your neighborhood puppy store. Don’t ever use scissors, since your cat may react abruptly. And probable reduce herself! In case you need, you can use a comb to attempt to brush out the mat very gently first. If the mats are simply bad. You can want to take your cat to a vet for professional grooming.

Tufts of Fur Among the Paw Pads

Cats with long fur may additionally develop long tufts of fur among the pads on the lowest of their paws. Turkish Vans, as an example, are prone to developing these long tufts. Those tufts can get tangled, stuck onto matters. Or may even make the usage of the muddle box uncomfortable for them. If the tufts get too long, you can trim them with clippers. Be cautious to make sure you don’t by chance reduce your cat’s ft. And trim handiest to the extent of the pads. Despite the fact that grooming and combing your cat might also seem daunting. It’s very critical for lengthy-haired kitties. Your cat may grow to love being brushed. And the time you take to comb her could turn into a fun bonding time between the two of you.In the above discussion tips for grooming long-haired cats.

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