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My Cat Is Lonely but Hates Other Cats

I have a cat that hates other cats

My sister recently got here to me with an interesting predicament. Her cat, Kiko, seemed lonely, she said. My sister has tried to introduce her cat to other cats within the beyond – my shy calico, Pookie, included – and matters did not move properly. Kiko is distinctly territorial and hisses at different cats and maintains her distance. lots of distance. If compelled into a more contained vicinity, Kiko will assert dominance, hiss, and cry till the other cat is removed or vice versa. And yet, my sister tells me Kiko seems bored and lonely by using herself. here are a few hints to how to help a lonely cat slowly adequately introduce. Your lonely cat to the idea of socialization and different boredom-busters.


1. begin Small

I have a cat that hates other cats. In case your cat appears restless and lonely but territorial. running out and adopting a 2nd cat on a whim will simplest add to the problem, not solve it. in case your cat is very territorial, begin introducing the concept of sharing his area. With another animal very slowly. begin via bringing in blankets and toys. which have the scents of capability future playmates on them. Introduce your cat to these objects in a fine manner. To start making the affiliation that overseas animals aren’t all that horrifying.

2. keep preliminary Playdates Short and sweet

After introducing your kitty to the smell of a new cat, including a friend’s. Have the cats meet in as neutral of an area as feasible in your own home. like the residing room. deliver the cats a brief quantity of time to check the waters. in the event that they appear to get alongside perfectly nice, allow the play date to retain. chances are, but, if your kitty is territorial. they will now not be good enough with a new cat being of their area for lengthy. if you experience your cat is getting demanding or territorial, give up the play date.

In case you are thinking about permanently adding another cat to your property. is it a good idea to get a second cat? be sure to check out our tips on a way to make the transition as smooth as possible.

3. Deliver Your Cat a View…And Invite a few buddies

If having cat play dates or getting another cat is absolutely out of the query. there is a manner to invite different “playmates” over. Indoor cats benefit significantly from having a view of the out of doors international – whether or not that could be a window perch or on a comfy bed. near the sliding glass door to the backyard. set up a fowl feeder this is in direct view of your cat’s window perch. Seeing the birds may be greater stimulating for an indoor cat. however, be sure your cat cannot by accident open or the window if she gets too excited by the birds.

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4. Reintroduce favorite Toys

Maximum cats have a few favorite toys they gravitate in the direction of. much like human beings, cats can overplay with those toys and develop tired of them. in case you locate your cat acting greater restless. strive hiding some of her favored toys for more than one weeks. Reintroducing those toys could be interesting and fun for your perma-bored kitty. how long can a cat be alone? Cats are particularly prone to eating tinsel, which is dangerous. Make sure that decorations are out of reach before you leave your cat alone. If you are looking to leave for more than three to four days, I personally think a cat sitter sleepover is a good idea. You can also give some of her favored toys.

5. attempt Introducing Your Cat to puppies

here’s the humorous issue about Kiko – she loves puppies. despite the fact that my sister has attempted to introduce her to other cats to socialize with. it is with dogs that Kiko appears to have the pleasant time. She loves to bat at them from an excessive vantage factor and will even cuddle quite close to them, if the canine allows.

a few cats might also enjoy hanging out with other species other than their own. puppies may be a nice option as playmates for territorial cats who’ve a hard time with other felines. similar to whilst you are introducing another cat. make certain to introduce a domestic dog for your cat at a tempo that is comfortable for each animals concerned.

To overcome the loneliness of the cat, you should see the above mentioned lonely cat solutions apply.

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