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Causes and Treatments of Heavy Breathing

breathing problem due to gas

Heavy breathing can feel like suffocation. For some people, heavy breathing feels like pressure on the chest. A doctor can make a conclusive diagnosis, but here are the most common causes of heavy breathing. Most of time we face on breathing problem due to gas.

Fever or overheating:

Young woman holds her chest in pain while a nurse helps. Overheating may cause heavy breathing. People with a fever may experience heavy breathing or shortness of breath. Particularly when they are carrying out activities. This also happens in intense heat. As long as the symptoms go away after a few deep breaths and a few minutes of relaxation. They are no cause for concern.

breathing problems by anxiety

Cardiovascular health issues:

Cardiovascular fitness problems are one of the leading reasons of heavy breathing and shortness of breath, especially when symptoms final for numerous days. whilst the heart can’t pump sufficient oxygen-rich blood to the muscle tissue and organs, the body reacts through respiratory swiftly and closely. This incapability of the coronary heart to hold up with the needs of the frame is known as heart failure.

Cardiovascular problems demand comprehensive treatment that may include lifestyle changes, surgery, medication, and ongoing medical monitoring. We should follow the doctor’s rules about how to stop conscious breathing.

Illness or infection:

A wide range of infections can make it harder to breathe, triggering heavy breathing. In most cases, these infections are relatively minor. Some infectious causes of heavy breathing include: sinus infections, the common cold, influenza etc. Treatment for an illness may include receiving fluids into a vein, antibiotics, and hospitalization.


Lung health issues:

A doctor looks at a lung x-ray. Lung health problems may cause heavy breathing. Constant monitoring of these conditions can help to ease symptoms. The lungs and heart work together to supply the muscles and organs with blood. A problem with the lungs can also lead to heavy breathing. People who develop heavy breathing that does not get better after a few days should see their doctor. As with cardiovascular health issues, lung health problems require comprehensive treatment and ongoing evaluation.

Dehydration and anxiety:

Sometime we felt breathing problems by anxiety. Dehydration can cause breathing changes as the body struggles to provide the cells with the energy they require. People who do not drink enough water, they attracted with dehydration. Anxiety-related breathing issues can feel like heavy breathing, shortness of breath, or as though it is impossible to get enough oxygen. Try drinking a glass of water, breathing deeply, and avoiding heat for an hour or two. If symptoms do not improve, dehydration could be severe enough to warrant medical intervention. Anxiety is not a medical emergency. Stress management techniques and psychotherapy can help.

Allergies and exercise:

Allergies affecting the respiratory system, such as hay fever, may cause heavy breathing. Allergies, particularly respiratory allergies to things such as pollen and dust, can cause symptoms that include. During exercise, the muscles and organs need more oxygen from the body’s red blood cells. This requires the heart to pump more blood and the lungs to supply more oxygen, resulting in a rapid heartbeat and heavier breathing. Drink enough water. If symptoms do not improve or they get worse, consult a doctor. If heavy breathing turns into difficulty breathing, go to an emergency room. Sometime people feel shortness of breath when walking.


However, if heavy breathing gets worse, or is accompanied by symptoms such as dizziness and confusion. That time people should seek prompt medical care.

shortness of breath when walking


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