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Children of Military Families Benefit from Pets

Reduce Stress

Most of recognize having a pet in our lives is beneficial to us. And to everyone in our family. New research has proven, that dwelling with a canine or cat is especially positive for children from military families. It’s a given that having parents serve in the military and be away for lengthy intervals of time is tough on kids. They teach kids values. A Tufts University study reveals, that children with strong attachments to animal’s cope. Better than those who don’t have a family pet. The report in the belief that “together with different key sources. strong attachments to animals may assist military-connected youngsters expand resiliency. And Pets Help with Learning developmental trends.”

“We were interested in seeing if the specific stressors faced by military-connected families could be mitigated by interacting with animals,” says Megan Mueller, Ph.D. We found that kids with deployed parents. Raising Your Children with Dogs developed a strong bond with a family. Having better coping strategies in dealing with the stress. Than those without such ties to a companion animal.” Near 300 kids in grades 6 via 12 with dad and mom within the military took the survey study. about 70 percentage of the teens surveyed had family pets. And most of them had some involvement in taking care of those pets. some of the children reported they fed, played with, and (if applicable) walked their pets.

The study also found that children who bonded with their pets were confident and caring. And that children with at least one deployed family member. Had better levels of stress than those with parents who were home. “It isn’t sufficient to be round animals,” Mueller says, “Children need to be engaged in that relationship. Strong attachments to pets may foster a more. proactive attitude about handling stressful problems. And could serve as a bridge to developing and maintaining peer relationships at some stage in stressful instances.”

Benefit from a pet for your children Reduce Stress Pet Helps Reduce Stress on Children of Military Families.

Pets Help with Learning
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