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Your Chromebook is about to get some improved printing options

chrome os latest version

Schools, offices take note

Printing from Chrome OS has continually been a particularly convoluted affair, with Chromebook printing needing to get hooked up to Google Cloud Print within the cloud before turning into available on a Google Chromebook or wherever else you have got Chrome installed.

Now Google is including the choice to print from Chrome OS to a regionally networked printer for the first time, boosting the offline capabilities of Chromebooks along the way. Google chrome OS laptop, The characteristic is constructed into version 59 of the operating system, which simply hit the stable channel.


Of route you could nonetheless use Google Cloud Print for all your printing wishes – and its far quite magic a good way to beam a document to the other side of the world when you want too – however this must make Chrome OS extra handy for an entire lot of people.

Chromebook printing

Going native

The new feature is officially known as Native Printing, and could be rolling out to all devices running Chrome OS inside the close to future. You need to understand your printer’s IP deal with to stand up and running, but Google has instructions to help.

The more capability is probably to be nicely received in schools and offices, places where Chromebooks are already making extreme inroads in the market. If there are extra printing options, then the cloud-based operating system is even more attractive chrome OS native apps.

On that, Google should have certainly had a try-before-you-buy scheme or at the very least, the ability to get an easy, no-fuss, simple and foolproof way to test drive Chrome OS on your existing computer. You can already do it with Ubuntu, so why not with Chrome OS latest version.

So compared to full-fat Windows, Chrome OS feels like a breath of fresh air (disclaimer: I have been using Windows 10 Insider on my main PC for more than a year now). It boots faster, is far more responsive, shuts down faster, updates faster and warm-starts faster.


Google knows it cannot relaxation on its laurels although – Microsoft is making its own play for the low-price, stripped-down laptop market with windows 10 S, and something Chrome OS can do (like superior printing guide) goes to assist it stay aggressive.

chrome os latest version


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