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Most Colorful Locations in Greece

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In case you ever surprise what makes a place stunning, the answer can lie inside its architecture, panorama, or human beings. But also can be something less complicated, like the color. Let us journey you to the best colorful locations in Greece and their vibrant beauty!


Amorgos is one of the most colorful islands in the world. White-washed, dice-fashioned homes with brightly colored doorways and windows. Laid out wisely and in an orderly fashion, along with the duration of the infinite winding paved lanes. Amorgos consists of slender alleys, whitewashed churches, and two-story buildings crowded alongside the street. Step off the overwhelmed track and go to an island. That has preserved its conventional color, and appreciate a wide-ranging placing with scenic squares. It has traditional Cycladic houses with bougainvillea timber in their courtyards and Lilliputian whitewashed alleys.

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Assos, Kefalonia

Built amphitheatrically around the homonymous peninsula and surrounded via luscious green scenery and verdant forests. Assos is considered to be one of the most beautiful and picturesque villages of Kefalonia. The fundamental authentic conventional Ionian structure is retained. While the modern-day sense is mild and mild, sufficient even though to pleasantly surprise all traffic. There is quite colored houses dotted round nestling into the craggy hillside. Even as there is the small harbor where you can see little fishing boats or even a few luxury yachts.


Santorini is an amazing place. Clean deep waters, whitewashed homes, picturesque villages and the pink sunsets. Create such an idyllic surroundings, as a way to make your vacations there unforgettable. Past the classic Greek blue and white skyline, Santorini is an island of burnt orange and blood red, royal pink and butter yellow, electric powered inexperienced and pastel crimson.

These place are the most colorful city. When you visit these place, you can make a new creativity.

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