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Disaster responses demonstrate a story of two Trumps

a tale of two Puerto Ricos

Two calamities – one natural, the other man made – and two altogether different reactions from President Trump.

Melania and Donald Trump ridiculed. On Tuesday in Puerto Rico, Donald Trump got it severely wrong. He made a joke of how much cash the calamity caused by typhoon Maria would cost America. He has shot hurling paper towels unemotionally into a horde of tropical storm survivors. A tale of two Puerto Rico. He revealed to Puerto Ricans they ought to be pleased with the death toll.  His point was that hurricane Maria was no place close as awful as hurricane Katrina which crushed territories around New Orleans. It was implied as an agree to president George w shrub who plainly flopped in his reaction to Katrina. Comparing Bush and Obama’s hurricane response.

Furthermore, it was additionally intended to avoid consideration from the president’s own particular inadequacies in response to Maria. What’s more, simply envision what the groups of the individuals who passed on in Puerto Rico made the recommendation. That they ought to have pride in the loss of life. It was only an evil thoroughly considered remark. Be that as it may, after 24 hours in Las Vegas, president trump got it practically right. His activity here was to be consoler-in-chief to the harmed. The families of the dead and those caught up for lost time in the slaughter. What’s more, he additionally needed to pay tribute to the crisis administrations who went to the scene and took a chance with their lives doing as such. His tone was proper and thoughtful. He was obviously moved by the records he was got notification from those included. He said it did right by him “to be an American”. He even welcomed some specialists on call for the white house.

Puerto Rico was pretty predictable

Puerto Rico was pretty predictable. I know it played to Mr. Trump’s qualities as a supporter of America and to his most loved topics of boldness, patriotism, and administration. In any case, recognition for a job well done. He did what he expected to do. What he didn’t address, obviously, was the issue of weapon control. He has said it will be taken a gander at “as time passes by” yet it sounds a considerable measure like he’s not just kicking the issue not far off. But on the other hand, he’s flicking it into the long grass too. It suits him politically to do that. It suits his supporters – an excessive number of them energetic defenders of not just the privilege to remain battle ready. Be that as it may, the privilege to remain battle-ready of a preposterously intense nature. Regardless of whether it suits America over the long haul is another issue through and through.

Melania and Donald Trump ridiculed


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