cow's milk intolerance in adults

Researchers found that children who drink non-cow’s milk may be shorter than the children who drink cow’s milk. Other study revealed that which children intake of non-cow’s milk. They are shorter.

Cow milk is best for children over the age of 1 year.  It’s considered beneficial for the developing brain and bone health. It has high content of fat, protein, and calcium. Studies have also associated cow’s milk consumption in childhood with increased height. After finding that children who drink non-cow’s milk are likely to be shorter. There is high protein in cow milk.

Each cup of non-cow’s milk related to shorter height:

The researchers looked at each child’s daily intake of cow’s milk. As well as their daily intake of non-cow’s milk, such as soy milk and almond milk. Compared with children who consumed cow’s milk, those who drank non-cow’s milk were shorter than average for their age. For every 250-milliliter cup of non-cow’s milk consumed daily, children were an average of 0.4 centimeters shorter. For each cup of cow’s milk consumed daily. Children were an average of 0.2 centimeters taller.The researchers also identified shorter-than-average height among children who drank a combination of cow’s milk and non-cow’s milk. There are high different between the children height. Cow’s milk intolerance in adults.

cow's milk has protein allergy

Non-cow’s milk nutritional content of blame:

The researchers suggest that non-cow’s milk might be down to the lower levels of protein. Dr. Maguire notes that two cups of cow’s milk contain around 16 grams of protein. It’s 100 percent of the daily protein recommendation for a 3-year-old child. In comparison, two cups of almond milk contain just 4 grams of protein. Cow milk increase height so fast. The nutritional content of cow’s milk is regulated in the United States and Canada. The nutritional contents of most non-cow’s milks are not,” says Dr. Maguire.


The researchers believe that we should be focus on the nutritional content of such products. Cow’s milk has protein allergy. Cow’s milk could protect a child into their teen and adult years from the common allergy. So we should drink Cow’s milk.

cow milk increase height


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