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Family Suing Alaska Airlines Contractor for Girls Give Way Airport Escalator

the airport assisted Bernice Kekona

A Washington nation family is suing Alaska airlines.  A contractor for allegedly neglecting to correctly take care of a disabled 75-year-vintage grandmother. She suffered a collapse a Portland worldwide airport escalator in June and later died. After her flight from Hawaii landed in Portland in June 2017.  Contractors on the airport assisted Bernice Kekona right into a seat-belted wheelchair. Each the lawsuit and the airline stated. The personnel from Huntleigh, United States have been supposed to transport the 75-year-vintage grandmothers to her next gate. In line with the own family.  However, she became by hook or by crook left on my own. According to the lawsuit, Akona confirmed her ticket to an Alaska Airways worker stationed at her arrival gate. They gestured the path the grandmother had to cross in. The lawsuit says, Kekona was shifting to the airport, stressed and misplaced. She stopped at a security checkpoint and an airport keeps looking for her departure gate.

the lawsuit and the airline stated

Airport surveillance video obtained with the aid of ABC-associate KXLY indicates Kekona at the pinnacle of an escalator. She later said she notion became an elevator. By the point, she realized her misjudgment. Her wheelchair became at the escalator and she becomes tumbling almost 21 steps down the transferring escalator. Kekona and her chair were in the end uprighted.  But she turned into harm. Her family says she suffered trauma to her head and chest. A cut to her Achilles tendon and gashes at the side of her face. Her tendon might in no way heal, according to her family.

Federal law guidelines require airways to provide help to the disabled. When traveling, along with when making connections. Alaska airways additionally informed ABC information that Kekona had the right to say no wheelchair services. The circle of relatives’ lawyer says Kekona suffered steady, serious ache in the months to following the incident. Her family is now suing Alaska airways and the Huntleigh United States for failing to provide.  They are saying became agreed upon gate-to-gate transportation.

In September, her wound to her tendon has become so excessive.  Medical doctors amputated her leg under the knee. In line with a lawsuit filed with the aid of the family. Her blood pressure by no means recovered from the surgery and Kekona died the day after today.

Alaska airways additionally informed ABC


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