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Five Pool Safety Tips for Dogs

is it safe for dogs to swim in pools

The pool is an excellent place to spend your summers. There is the sun, the toys and the refreshing drinks with the tiny little umbrellas. Oh, and lest we forget — the water! However, pools also can be dangerous for our dogs. Now not all puppies are correct swimmers. Some breeds like the bulldog may even drown if left unsupervised around a pool. How to teach a dog to swim in a pool? Here are five great tips to help prevent such a tragedy from happening to your dog.

1. Train Your Dog to Swim

My dog fell into the pool? When possible, train your dog to swim. No longer relaxed with the sort of task? Enlist the assist of a dog trainer.  They’re more than equipped to handle your pooch’s fear of water. And train him or her a few swimming basics.

2. Invest in a Dog Life Vest

Life vests is it safe for dogs to swim in pools. And life jackets are perfect for the dog. In an effort to never be a wonderful swimmer. They provide extra buoyancy and a dash of bright colors. So that your dog can stay afloat and remain highly visible. Just don’t rely on the life vest so much that you leave your dog unattended.

3. Take Care with Older Puppies

Senior dogs are much more likely to suffer from arthritis, imaginative, seizures and a host of other fitness troubles. That may require your special attention across the big dog swim. Or prohibit them from swimming altogether. Confirm with your veterinarian if your dog is healthy enough to swim within the pool. You must advice from your vet is pool water bad for dogs. or good for your dog.

my dog fell into the pool

4. Learn Dog CPR

Having the ability to correctly administer synthetic respiration. And CPR on a dog is important should your canine by accident drown in your pool. a few animal agencies and shelters even offer lessons at the right strategies.

5. Fence Your Pool

A pool fence or enclosure is a great option. If you are unable to supervise a dog that spends most. if not all, his or her time in the backyard. Not a big fan of enclosing your pool with unseemly posts and metal bars? Consider using an “invisible” fence. Invisible, or underground, fencing allows you to keep your pool looking spectacular without sacrificing your dog’s safety.

how to teach a dog to swim in a pool


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