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How to Fix Windows 10 Stuck on Welcome Screen

How to Fix Problems During the Windows Login Process

One of the most common issues for Windows 10 users is that their computers get stuck on the Welcome screen. The welcome screen is the screen where the system asks for users’ password and loads accounts. The symptoms of Windows 10 stuck on Welcome Screen issue varies. You would always fail to get past the loading circle. Or the system does not respond to your actions on the loading screen.Fix: Windows 10 stuck in Welcome Screen

If you are being troubled by this problem, not to worry. The following are methods that can be helpful for How to Fix Problems During the Windows Login Process problem.

Before anything else

To perform these methods. You need to have a Windows 10 installation media, like a USB drive or a DVD. You can create one with a USB drive if you don’t have any installation media.Windows 10 Hangs on Login.

Once your installation media is prepared. You can put it into your computer, and then boot your computer from the media.

. After that, select the language and region.

. To perform these methods (except 4), you also need to click on Repair your computer.

. And then select Troubleshoot to go to Advanced Options.

Now proceed to the methods as follows. Windows 10 stuck at the login/welcome screen

Windows 10 stuck at the login welcome screen

1) Run Startup Repair

a) Select Startup Repair.

b) Select Windows 10.

c) Startup Repair will start immediately and diagnose your computer.


2) Use Command Prompt to fix the problem

You can also run some command lines to troubleshoot your computer. You have solved the Windows 10 Stuck on Welcome Screen issue.

a) Select Command Prompt.

b) The window of Command Prompt will appear.

c) First, you can have a scan of your Windows files on your computer and repair problematic ones. Type “SFC /scan now” and hit Enter.

d) You can also have a check of your hard disk and see if there is any issue coming from there. Type “chk disk c: /f /r” and hit Enter. (“c” here refers to C drive, which is the system drive for most people. Replace the letter with the one you use if your system is not installed in C drive.)

e) Fixing boot information of your system is also something you should consider. To do so, type the following lines in Command Prompt and hit Enter after each.

boot rec /fix MBR

boot rec /fix boot

boot rec /scanos

boot rec /rebuild Bcd


3) Reset your Windows 10

It is possible that the faulty files or configurations in your system that cause the Windows 10 stuck on Welcome screen problem. In this case, you may need to reset your Windows 10. (Note that your files can get erased and all your applications needs to be reinstalled.)

a) Boot your computer from your Windows 10 installation media. After selecting the language and region, click on Install now.

b) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup configurations and the reinstallation of your system.

Hope this tips will help’s you to get rid of How to Fix Windows 10 Stuck at Log In Screen. 

How to Fix Problems During the Windows Login Process


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