benefits of air conditioner on skin

We already aware of air cooler side effects on our health in general. In fact, in the summertime, going from the hot outdoors to an air-conditioned building can make you more susceptible to illness. And air-conditioning systems that haven’t been maintained properly can be detrimental to your health. Sitting in an air-conditioned room for an extended period of time can dry out your skin. The closer you sit to the air-conditioning vent and the more detrimental. Because the air may be colder and the breeze is blowing right on you. If you already have skin conditions like eczema, rosacea or psoriasis. Air-conditioning can make them worse. Air-conditioning can dry out your skin. But it’s not just the cold air that could be detrimental. One study of hospital workers showed that synthetic fibers from an air-conditioning filter actually caused skin irritation. 

air conditioner allergy symptoms

Skin effect for Air-conditioning

There have no major benefits of air conditioner on skin. Air-conditioning deters this natural mechanism, leaving you with instantly dry skin. When you move from a sweltering 35 degrees to a cool 24 degrees in the office or car. This sudden change is bound to have some effect on your body. With air-conditioning, your sweating is instantly reduced. But it also reduces the skin’s capacity to produce oil. Dry skin tends to wrinkle and dull your natural shine. Additionally, the sudden dehydration of skin may block your pores with dry sweat, leading to acne. If you have any skin allergies or infections. They may be aggravated due to long hours of AC exposure and hot-cold temperature changes.

How to keep your skin healthy in air-conditioned room?

There’s many illnesses caused by air conditioning. Those who work indoor, spend most of their time inside with an air conditioner. Some time we attack with air conditioner allergy symptoms. The hot weather and heavy traffic which make you sweat also encourage you to use AC in your home. Here are the tips to keep your skin moist in air conditioned room.

ØFulfill your sufficient water intake daily. You can also drink green tea, fruits juice etc.

ØMake sure you always use your daily facial moisturizer. If you have an oily skin, you might want to consider buying a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin.

ØChoose body lotion that matches your skin condition. Note that The UVA and UVB sunscreen protection from this product will protect your skin from unhealthy effects of sunlight exposure.

ØEat More fruits and veggies. Believe it or not, fruits and vegetables are also the main role to maintain a good and healthy skin. Avocado and banana are also known to be beneficial for your skin.

ØTake a proper vitamin. In addition to skin care, the vitamin intake is also important to the skin. You need a good amount of antioxidant like natural vitamin E that you can get from NATURE-E Capsule. It will protect your skin from radical damage.


In the conclusion we say that AC is include with dry skin and acne. So take regular breaks from the air-conditioning for your skin protect.

benefits of air conditioner on skin
air conditioner allergy symptoms


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