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A new smartphones coming soon. The company named the US Red, known as the high quality digital cinema camera manufacturer. Red has started showing interest in the smartphone world. Recently, the company has announced a smartphone called ‘Hydrogen One’ premium. Its specialty will be ‘holographic display’. It’s a smart holographic phone.

Nanotechnology that can be used in a display of five decimals seven inches’ size, can easily be converted into holographic multimedia content, 3D contents of the content of existing TD quality. It will play interactive games. After the announcement of Red, the founder of the company Jim Jannard wrote in a forum post, there is no way to describe it as long as you do not see it. It is the us Red best creations. Our display is the technology that you have not seen before. It’s not both lencular (lenticular) like lanes. Many failed to create this display. us Red best creations.

holographic smartphone price

The Red Authority has announced that they will use algorithms that can convert stereo sound into multi-dimensional audio. The specialty of the phone is the modular attachment. You can work with the Red Digital Camera with the phone. Red is planning to leave the Hydrogen One Smartphone market by 2018. At present, their website is getting the order. Aluminum frame price of the phone has started from 1 thousand 195 US dollars. Red announce the holographic smartphone price.

It has been suggested that the changes will be made after the phone has been given in advance. There may be more changes in the design of the phone. The Red Authority says that, since they are working on an improved display, they will not be able to fulfill the order of everyone while coming to the market. The company does not guarantee price again. Besides, the additional equipment needed by the phone will be delayed by the market.


The technology world around the Android operating system has already been encouraged. Because, it will be the world’s first holographic smartphone. Which will be able to display content through holographs.

holographic smartphone price


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