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Iceland Beauty Attraction Place “Blue Lagoon”

the beautiful geothermal lagoon

Go to Iceland’s well-known blue lagoon on a full-day journey from Reykjavik. Loosen up in the warm waters of this herbal geothermal pool, and enjoy improvements like spa treatments, water massages and personal. Enjoy considered one of Iceland’s herbal wonders, surrounded by means of snowy mountains and otherworldly lava fields. Round-trip transportation from Reykjavik is included.

What can you count on?

Blue lagoon spa out of doors Reykjavik picks more than a few departure times for pickup at your Reykjavik lodge. Then board a comfy, weather-managed coach for the ride to the blue lagoon. On the 29-mile power from the metropolis, enjoy the passing surroundings and get to realize your fellow tourists. Upon arrival, choose from the menu of bathing alternatives, from personal baths to water rubdown. Bathing suits, tub gowns, and towels are all to be had for lease.

trip to Reykjavik

The beautiful geothermal lagoon, glimmering many of the snow and lava fields. It remains at a constant toasty temperature of 96-102 ranges Fahrenheit and is an otherworldly color of blue. The water incorporates blue-green algae, mineral salts, and silica, and has been recognized to work wonders on trouble skin and tired muscle tissues. The blue-inexperienced algae soften and nourish pores and skin. The mineral salts detoxify the body and the white silica dust exfoliates the skin. Take as plenty time as you want to relax and to enjoy one of Iceland’s most well-known herbal wonders. When you’re completely secure, board your transportation for the trip to Reykjavik.

Highlights transportation to and from the blue lagoon. Revel in a water massage or just lie returned in the warm waters of the lagoon. Relax amid stunning surroundings and fresh air. Pickup and drop-off from Reykjavik area accommodations and guesthouses. Overall it a dreamful area in Iceland.

Iceland's herbal wonders


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