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How to Introduce a Dog to a Cat

best way to introduce a dog to a cat

can I get a dog if I have a cat? The answer is absolutely sure, says Dr. Liz Bales, a Philadelphia veterinarian. “As long as pet parents take their time and follow some easy guidelines for introducing cats to puppies. There’s no reason why tom cats and dogs can’t develop a harmonious relationship.

 Keep Them Separated

If you are bringing a dog into a cat home, it’s important that the pet gets adjusted to a new space without the added stress of additional animals right away. A closed bedroom or large bathroom decked out with scratching posts, toys, food, water and the litter box is the perfect option for a new cat. Be sure to also give him a lot of attention during this time. If you’re bringing home a new dog, consider keeping your existing cat in a separate portion of the house and follow crate-training protocol with the dog. Bales suggests placing some of each animal’s personal items like beds in the other animal’s space during this time period so that the cat and the dog become accustomed to each other’s scents.

 Hold the first meeting quick


whilst you are ready to introduce your cat to your dog, make the preliminary assembly a quick one—approximately ten minutes. maintain the canine on a leash and venture as close to the dog as he or she wishes. Use a head collar (halter) on your dog if there is a chance that you may not be in complete control of the situation. Reward your dog with treats and praise for calm behavior around the cat. As long as the process is going smoothly, gradually increase the time the animals spend together. Be patient—it may take weeks or even months for cats and dogs to finally accept each other and be relaxed.

best dogs to have with cats

Do Not forget Your puppy’s persona

 Dr. Lisa Radosta, a board certified veterinary behaviorist in West Palm Beach, Florida, says that your cat or dog’s personality is a good predictor of his or her ability to get along with another pet. “If your cat has lived with dogs previously and is confident around other animals, you are likely to have an easy transition,” she said. If your cat is the assured type and your dog is the easygoing type, it is fine to let your cat take care of things. Even then, however, the meeting should not be free-for-all. “Put your cat on a higher surface than the dog and put your dog on the leash for the meeting,” Dr. Radosta said.

Supervision is fundamental

Keep your cat and dog separated when you cannot directly supervise them until you are fully confident that they present no risk, Dr. Radosta said. The most secure manner to do this is to preserve your canine in a crate. And best dogs to have with cats. Likewise, you’ll want to provide your cat with a safe place where he or she can escape the dog. This could be a cat tree that the dog cannot climb or a separate room with a cat door installed. “Once cats run, dogs chase. It is very important to prevent this at all costs,” Dr. Radosta said.

 Brush Up in Your Dog’s Skills

Dog whisperer introducing dog to cat? Teaching your dog good social manners with cats starts with training yourself. In order to help your cat, feel safe, your dog has to be under control.  He will need to know basic commands such as “leave it,” “sit,” and “stay.” Before the first introduction, make sure to spend time practicing commands with your dog and keep treats handy so that you can reward your dog for good behavior. “When your dog sees the cat, ask him to sit and reward him,” Dr. Radosta said. If the most effective element your canine has to do is chase your cat, chasing your cat is going to be his favored interest. Long walks and day by day exercise can also help your dog burn off energy—making meetings with the family cat less crazy.



I think this the best way to introduce a dog to a cat and you will be benefit for this tips. You never know which pet is going to be the chief_of the pack, however, taking the steps to properly introduce a cat to a dog—and practicing endurance—will help things run smoothly in your combined-pet household.

can I get a dog if I have a cat


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