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Logitech Introduces World’s First Wireless Charging Mousepad, Two New Gaming Mice

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While we’ve been distracted by the benefits of wireless charging technology for smartphones, Logitech has found a very practical use for it in the form of a mousepad. The Logitech G Powerplay is the world’s first wireless charging system for gaming mice, which is being launched alongside two new flagship gaming mice Logitech G903 and G703. The Logitech Powerplay is priced around $100 and will be available sometime in August, while the Logitech G903 and G703 wireless gaming mice are priced at $150 and $100, respectively and will be available in June.

Logitech G, a brand of Logitech, says that Powerplay is a departure from existing wireless charging standards and is designed to deliver uninterrupted charging over surface of the mousepad, which essentially means your wireless mouse will constantly be charged when in use. The wireless charging system uses an application of electromagnetic resonance that creates an energy field on the surface of the 275x320mm mousepad. Notably, the corporation additionally says that this can no longer hamper or reason any interference with the mouse’s functionality.


“For decades, we’ve pioneered development in wireless gaming mouse, and our new Powerplay and Lightspeed wireless technologies continue this commitment to wireless superiority,” said Ujesh Desai, vice president and general manager of Logitech G.

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“With Powerplay, Lightspeed and our new G903 and G703 mice, you’ll get unbeatable precision, lag-free performance and infinite power, which gives gamers the highest-quality experience.”

The new Powerplay mousepad is followed with two new wireless gaming mice, Logitech G903 and G703. Logitech says the mice come prepared with PMW3366 optical sensor which has 0 smoothing, filtering or acceleration throughout the complete DPI range (200-12,000 DPI) for accurate tracking and consistent responsiveness, even at speeds over 400 IPS.

In terms of looks, the mice have a pretty intimidating body design with superior mechanical button tensioning that supply the left and proper mouse buttons a great feel, response and consistency. The buttons also are more long lasting with up to 50 million click on switches. Regardless of its strong sense. The mice were designed to give an excellent grip, with rubber grips on either facets for extra manage. Game enthusiasts can assign the buttons with custom sport commands using Logitech Gaming software program (LGS).

Finally, at the heart of each the Powerplay mousepad and the gaming mice is Logitech G’s Lightspeed wireless technology that delivers competition-level responsiveness at speeds faster than many competitive wired Logitech gaming mouse.

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