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Hakuna Matata Lodge is one of the best natural place in the world.  Nature lovers who search something out of the ordinary will find here. It is the best spot located in the heart of Ecuador and outside of Tena. The capital city of the Napo Province, this 370-acre estate on the shore. The Inchillaqui River is the perfect spot from which to set off on new adventures by the tranquil rainforest. And Latin Trails uses the resort to set you off on some great explore to enjoy the Amazon. For the vacation you can take a hakuna matata tours.

Enjoy the Nature:


The resort’s amenities include a unique spring-fed pool with water kept at a steady 77 degrees. With a depth ranging from one to seven feet, it’s the perfect place for guests, especially those with children, to while away an afternoon. The grounds provide stunning perspectives of the nearby Llanganati Mountains. It has way to with carry deck chairs and hammocks. Here also a rubdown bench visitors have a multitude of spots. 

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Visiting place and food:

The three visiting place Hakuna Matata resort, Hakuna Lodge and Hakuna Supreme is there. High level of comfort with private bathrooms with hot showers, comfortable beds and tasteful appointments also has there. You can get your food on-site restaurant. Pangaea, prepares fresh, soft drinks, juices, beer and cocktails is available there.

The sandy banks of the river provide the perfect spot for sunbathing after an exciting rafting trip. The Amazon rainforest is important for visitor place. It is also ideal for those visiting the area for the first time. Highlights include a visit to the local market in Tena. An enjoying tour and jungle walk can be learning more thing. Guests in adventure and exploration will want to take advantage of the lodge’s various itineraries. It’s includes a canoe tour down the Arajuno River. Bird-watching and time spent with the indigenous community Santa Barbara. you can visit thrilling rides through the Llanganates National Park on the Jatunyacu River.


Travel can change your mind. Every people need fix a moment for their refreshment. So, by your traveling,  you can learn.

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