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Polls open in Britain’s general election

Polls open in Britain's general election under shadow of terror

LONDON: UK The election polls on Thursday, opened with about 46 million eligible voters expected to cast their ballot to choose between Prime Minister Theresa May and Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn under the looming shadow of the two deadly terror attacks that recently rocked the country.

The odds seem to be in favor of May holding on to her job as the British Prime Minister who called for snap polls 52 days ago.

Polls close at 10 p m UK time (2.30 am IST). The result begins rolling in 1 hr. expected.

 May, called the election three years earlier than scheduled ahead.

Expected to be tough negotiations with the European Union over Britain’s exit from the 28- member-bloc.

More than 46 million people are eligible to vote in what is the fourth major UK poll.

Theresa May is on course to increase her majority in the House of Commons with a final. General Election 2017 poll giving the Tories a lead of seven points. Over the labor as the nation heads to the ballot box.UK general election 2017 live: Corbyn and May cast votes as polls point to Tory win.

When the snap election was called by the Prime Minister. The Conservatives lead had as much as 24 point and general Election 2017 Live: Final poll gives Theresa May 7-point lead.

But a YouGov poll that was published on Wednesday evening. Tories on 42 per cent and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labor Party on 35.

The UK was recently rocked by two terror attacks in Polls open in Britain’s general election under shadow of terror Mrs. May called the snap poll on April 18. After a fierce campaign which was disrupted by terror attacks in Manchester and London. She will find out if voters have been won over by her vision for post-Brexit Britain.

Meanwhile, Mr. Corbyn will be hoping that his left-wing manifesto. and large rallies have been enough to secure him the keys to Downing Street.


The UK was recently rocked by two terror attacks…….

General Election 2017 Live: Final poll gives Theresa May 7-point lead
Polls open in Britain's general election under shadow of terror


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