number of lakes in Canada

Are you looking for the closing romantic destination with beautiful scenery lovely places in Canada? Visit a quiet town, a national park or a wilderness area not far from a major city for a vacation filled with gorgeous views and fun outdoor adventures. Canada is home to 60% of all the lakes on the planet. So you can find many of the places that made our list overlook a gorgeous lake. Canada lakes are the best different places to visit in Canada.

Most beautiful Canadian lake


There’s many number of lakes in Canada. Deep inside the Canadian Rockies in the center of Jasper National Park, lies 22-km long Maligne Lake. It’s a turquoise jewel surrounded through the deep inexperienced of majestic spruces and lodgepole pines. Fed through melt waters of the Coronet Glacier, the lake is a really famous destination for travelers, avid fishermen, campers, kayakers, and nature lovers from everywhere in the international. There are two excellent campgrounds and numerous hiking and cross-country skiing trails around the lake. You might even spot beavers, caribou, moose, Harlequin Ducks, or grizzly or black bears. Take a walk on the small but picturesque and mysterious Spirit Island in the middle of the lake. You can take spectacular photos of the distant snow-covered peaks of the Rockies.


You will notice Bow Lake from the highway because of its startlingly blue waters. It is one of the largest lakes in Banff National Park, and it is especially beautiful in the early morning when the sun paints the surface golden. The lake is only half a mile from Crowfoot Glacier, a nice four-mile hike with not too much elevation. You will be rewarded by the spectacular vistas of the lake, breath-taking alpine meadows full of wild flowers, and finally by the glacier and the waterfall.


There also have some largest lakes in Canada. But Pyramid Lake is different from others. The lake lies inside the shadow of Pyramid Mountain, which provides a majestic backdrop for pictures. Inside the iciness, the frozen lake is popular for ice-skating, snowshoeing, and move-united states snowboarding. While the snow melts, the lake is full of fishermen, windsurfers, and vacationers from the town of Jasper paddling along in canoes. No fuel cars are allowed. There are several barbeque fire pits around the lake, however in a single day camping is not accredited.


Located in the magnificent Valley of the ten Peaks in the heart of Banff National Park lies Moraine Lake. It is less than nine miles long, but is probably one of the most beautiful spots on Earth where you can take a slow tour in a kayak or canoe. Cold glacial waters feed the lake, which is quite popular with fishermen. Numerous hiking trails around the lake offer spectacular photo opportunities of the lake and the surrounding mountain peaks.


Canadians call Lake Louise “the diamond in the wilderness.” It absolutely does sparkle like a jewel. The lake is a vivid turquoise blue-green frame of water surrounded by way of deep shadows of the encompassing Rocky Mountains. The lake is a completely popular visitor destination. It gives endless possibilities for exercise, from kayaking and fishing at the lake to snowboarding, snowshoeing, trekking, and even golfing in the surrounding place. Seeing the lake from one of the zip strains or from the Banff Gondola is any other unforgettable experience.

For me traveling is about experience, grow, change, learn and at the same time enjoy your life. Surround yourself by people you love, with the same attitude about life and show appreciation to them and everybody that makes you happy. Life is what YOU make it. It is a most beautiful Canadian lake.

number of lakes in Canada
Most beautiful Canadian lake


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