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A time period is the time needed for one complete cycle of vibration to pass a given point. There’s many reason for period late.  Having a late period may be very distressing. Specifically, if a lady is used to having regular intervals is worried about a sudden being pregnant. However, there are many other reasons why a woman might have a late period, ranging from birth control to stress. In this article, we look at eight possible reasons for a late period.


The common onset of menopause is across the age of fifty-two whilst a lady has not had a length for at the least 365 days. Many girls enjoy symptoms as early as 10 to 15 years before menopause. Sometime we face on a week late period. That is referred to as perimenopause and suggests that estrogen ranges are starting to differ. Irregular estrogen tiers can alter a girl’s menstrual cycle. Making it commonplace for women in perimenopause to experience irregular or neglected intervals. Once a girl has gone a complete year without a length. She is said to have gone through menopause.

late menstrual cycle


Prolonged periods of strain can have an effect on a woman’s menstrual cycle. Making it longer or shorter, maybe causing an ignored period. Some ladies also document extra painful period cramps whilst experiencing stress. Warding off the situations that purpose the pressure taking regular exercise. It is getting sufficient sleep can help a person eliminate pressure. It maintains an everyday menstrual cycle. If a woman is experiencing continual strain. She might locate it beneficial to talk to a doctor or counselor.

Loss weight

Full-size weight loss or extreme exercising can cause a female to miss her length. Being underweight or having a low body-fats ratio can modify reproductive hormone ranges. Decreasing them to degrees in which ovulation and menstruation do now not occur. A female who has neglected one numerous periods after dropping a massive amount of weight. Need to consult a physician about getting an appropriate quantity of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that her frame needs.

Hormonal conditions and PCOS

Some hormones, such as prolactin or thyroid hormones, can cause a woman to miss her period. If a hormonal imbalance is responsible for a missed or late period. It can easily be detected with a blood test. PCOS is one of the most common hormonal disorders among women of childbearing age. Though the symptoms vary between individual women. Those who have PCOS tend to have abnormal hormone levels. It’s can cause small cysts to develop on the ovaries, acne, excess facial and body hair, male-pattern baldness, and obesity. Irregular or even absent periods are also a common feature of this condition.


Just as weight loss can cause a woman to miss her period, being overweight can also affect a woman’s menstrual cycle. Obesity and missed periods can sometimes signal that a woman has a medical condition, such as polycystic ovary syndrome. So it is important for a woman to be correctly diagnosed by a doctor.

During the pregnancy

Women should not rule out pregnancy as a possible reason that their period is late. Even if they are using contraception. Women can still get pregnant even if they use birth control correctly. A sexually active woman with a late period should use a home pregnancy test. It is important to note that there are no forms of birth control that are 100 percent effective. But there are others cause for delay in periods.

Birth control

Some birth control pills can cause a missed period. Some types of birth control, particularly hormonal methods, can cause a woman to miss a period. Typically, hormonal birth control provides a form of estrogen combined with progesterone for a set amount of time, followed by several hormone-free days. The withdrawal of these hormones triggers a period. So thin that there is not enough of the lining to cause a period.


A woman should conscious about her health. Late menstrual cycle is a great problem for girls. Concerned approximately overlooked durations. It is able to be beneficial to hold a written report of her periods. Together with the start and cease dates, and a list of some other related signs. A written report of intervals may additionally help a health practitioner to make an analysis. Having everyday test-united states of America with a gynecologist or girls’ fitness expert can assist cope with many questions about menstrual cycles.

week late period


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