green tea is good for liver

Liver disease is a serious condition for the cause of death. A new research recommends that simply you can take a cup of tea or coffee for prevent it. Liver-related death is often the result of cirrhosis. A large number of cirrhosis cases are caused by taking alcohol.

Fortuitously, there are pretty some matters. We can protect our liver. It’s a risk thing for a fatty liver. New research, adds a couple of new preventive factors to the list about tea and coffee. Green tea liver can repair.

Dr. Murad explains the motivation behind the research:

“There is quite some epidemiological, but also experimental data suggesting that coffee has health benefits on liver enzyme elevations, viral hepatitis, NAFLD, cirrhosis, and liver cancer. We were curious to find out whether coffee consumption would have a similar effect on liver stiffness measurements in individuals without chronic liver disease”. Some green tea is good for liver problems

Discussion about tea, coffee, and liver health:

Dr. Murad and team examined the data about their study. The as a part of the study, every participant underwent a full physical checkup. That’s for included anthropometric measurements such as body mass index. The liver imaging was used to look for liver “stiffness”. The participants’ food and drinking habits were assessed using a food frequency including detailed items about tea and coffee intake. They divided into three categories according to their coffee and tea. Tea was divided into green, black, and herbal. They also accounted for a variety of possible confounding factors. It’s including age, gender, BMI, smoking, and alcohol consumption, activity and healthy eating patterns. The study revealed that frequent coffee and herbal tea consistently correlated with a significantly lower risk of liver. These results were independent of lifestyle factors.

Finally, researchers found that the beneficial effect of coffee on liver stiffness could be seen both in participants who had a fatty liver. The doctor showed that frequent coffee and tea intake may prevent liver disease. 

best tea for cancer patients

Dr. Louise J. M. Alferink, of the Department of Gastroenterology says that:

“This diet is typically rich in unhealthy foods including processed foods lacking nutrients and artificial sugars. The inexpensive lifestyle strategies that have potential health benefits”.

Coffee and liver function:

There is evidence that moderate coffee drinking could be beneficial in slowing the progression of viral infections of the liver.


In the conclusion, we can say that, coffee and green tea can remove our tiredness. It’s also good for our health. Green tea is best tea for liver cancer patients. So we can reduce our liver problem by tea and coffee.

green tea is good for liver


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