windows 10 preparing automatic repair black screen

Sometimes we face on the black screen of windows 10. Today we write about windows 10 preparing automatic repair black screen. In this publish, we will be introducing the way to automatically repair your windows 10, if you are faced the problems:

ØWindows Updates issues.

ØBoot-up problems such as reboot loops possible.

ØNot able to get into the desktop of your PC.

ØPrograms or device driver’s errors.

ØCorrupted Windows files or registry entries.

That is a very smooth and convenient function. Its supplied Microsoft permitting you to repair the above troubles definitely by yourself.

Getting your desktop

For restore desktop windows 10, follow every steps:

ØPress Start button, then choose Settings.

ØOn the Settings page, choose Update & security.

ØOn the left side of the pane, choose Recovery. Then choose Restart now option under Advanced start-up category.

ØWait for a while and you will be seeing the following page. Choose Troubleshoot.

ØThen choose Advanced options.

ØHere, we choose Startup Repair to continue.

ØWait for a little bit while in this page.

ØChoose your administrator account and type in your login password, and then hit Continue to move on.

ØIf you are seeing the notification as the screen shot below telling you that Startup Repair couldn’t repair your PC, don’t worry. This notification will show up when Windows decide that there is no problem with your computer. If you highly doubt this conclusion, you can click Advanced options button to see more available repair.

ØStill, choose Troubleshoot and then choose Advanced options.


ØChoose accordingly which feature you are to use

restore desktop shortcuts windows 10
preparing automatic repair windows 10

System Restore means that you can use a restore point to roll your Windows to a stage where there was no problem with it. But it only works when you have previously turn on the system restore feature in Windows 10. As it is shut down by default.

System photo restoration permits you to get better your windows by using a machine photograph report. Cross back to the previous build characteristic allows you to roll your windows to its previous build. If the setup document is still in your tough drive.

In case you don’t think the options here are going that will help you remedy your troubles. You could cross back to the Troubleshoot page and pick out Reset this PC. Upon the “Preparing automatic repair window 10”, press-and-hold Power button 3 times to forcefully shut down the machine.  If you are unable to boot into your desktop, let alone getting into safe mode. Here is what you need to do:

ØFirst of all, you need to have a recovery USB/DVD at hand that containing the operating system that you want to install. If you have not such a device. Just follow the instructions here in this post to create one.

ØIn BIOS, change the preferred boot up mode to boot up from USB/CD. Then save and change and restart your computer.

ØYou will see that we can press F8 to load more advanced options.

ØWe press F10 on our keyboard for more options.

ØNow we press F1.

ØYou will be able to see the Choose an option page. Still, choose Troubleshoot.

ØThe rest of the procedures are just the same with the above situation. Click here for more detailed instructions.


Share together with your friends and households and assist them with similar problems. For the best result, you can follow the another tips for restore desktop shortcuts windows 10.

windows 10 preparing automatic repair black screen


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