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Singularitynet’s Ben Goertzel has a grand vision for the future of AI

scale and increasing talents

Singularity not is an objectives mission to create a decentralized market for AI. It has raised a number of cash in its token sale. In round 20 seconds after opening the sale to the public. It sold out of the complete quantity of to be had tokens, bringing the full to $36 million.

Singularity does not bring AI and Blockchain together to create a decentralized open market for AIS. The results are that it could allow absolutely everyone monetize AI. Permitting groups, agencies, and developers to shop for and sell AI algorithms at scale and increasing talents. They plan to plug the Hanson robots’ “Sophia” robotic literally into a singularity. It’s not to power its brain. Proprietary marketplaces exist like the Amazon web offerings for instance. There’s no valuable dictator identifying what gets in there. Each person can position an, wrap it in our API. Announce it to the community and any business.

P2p software program

Then you definitely need a terrific popularity device to grade the great AIS with the high rating. We need Blockchain to allow us to do that in a peer to peer, decentralized way. P2p software program this is reliable and no longer without problems hackable and includes the fee. However, it might nonetheless need a dispensed ledger. BitTorrent doesn’t involve price or identity management protection.


Ai processing is computed time sensitive. So we selected the opening platform which performs two roles. One of the many AI equipment that we can use to construct a few initial AI offerings in the community. We are able to put some cool tools in there. The opposite role is towards the infrastructure. We need to make the system in order that the AI layer is impartial of what Blockchain. We are the usage of our prototype makes use of Ethereum. However, this is too slow. So we need so that it will change out the Blockchain technology easily. So, the clever contracts want to be expressed in a summary way. 

AI and Blockchain


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