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How to Start a YouTube Channel

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In this article Ultimate Guide to YouTube for Business, marketing and public relations consultant show you how to master the secrets of successful “YouTubers” and put your brand, product or service in front of millions of potential viewers.

1. Sign Into Your Google Account.

Before you can begin create a channel on youtube, you have to sign in to your Google account. (YouTube is owned by means of Google.)

2. Click on on My Channel.

After signing in to your YouTube account, click on at the drop down arrow subsequent in your avatar in the top right corner. This is the same place where the, “Sing In” button generally is. when you click on on the drop down arrow, a brand new set of alternatives are made available. The first component you need to do here is to click on on, “My Channel”.

create a channel on youtube

3. Decide the Name.

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to creating a YouTube channel. Deciding your channel name! You can either use your name by default or you can choose a different name of your choice by clicking on the “To use a business or other name, click here” button. Most people like to choose a different name instead of using their own names.

When deciding on a name, be sure to consider what your YouTube channel is about. If you want to upload or create videos about cars, then you probably don’t want to choose a name related to cooking or other irrelevant names.

You want the name to represent and explain what your YouTube channel is about. For example, if you wanted to vlog about the latest fashion trends, you could pick a name like, “Fashion Trends Today” or “Carly’s Fashion Picks”. You get the point! Choose a name that describes your channel.

After deciding on a name, fill in the required fields below and be sure to read over the page terms before selecting, “I Agree”. Once you finish filling in the information required, click on, “Done”.

If you follow the tips this will help you to Start a YouTube Channel. Good luck for your YouTube business, marketing and public relations consultant.

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