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Terror attack ‘foiled’ at Brussels station as army shoot man ‘with suicide vest’

Brussels station blast

They said they foiled a Brussels station blast. After soldiers saw wires sticking out from the man’s garments at the same time as he changed into appearing strangely. Nicolas Van Herreweghen, who works for Belgium’s national rail organization. said the male suspect become very agitated, yelling about jihadists after which ‘Allahu akbar’. before blowing up something on a baggage trolley.

A photo shared online shows flames in the Suspect shot in Brussels Central Station as a passerby turns to look on Tuesday evening. ‘There has been an explosion around a person,’ a police spokesman stated. That person become neutralized by means of the squaddies that were at the scene.’ The situation was said to be under control last night with no civilian casualties. DH newspaper quoted a Belgian prosecutor as saying: ‘He seems to have set off his device when the soldiers started paying attention to him.’

‘Explosions at Brussels Central,’ passenger Arash Aazami tweeted. ‘We missed them by practically nothing, evacuated into restaurant for now.’ The army was in place to guard the Central Station. The army was in location to guard the imperative Station. Amid a heightened kingdom of alert after Islamic state militants based in Brussels finished assaults in Paris killing one 130 people in November 2015. And bombed Brussels airport and metro in March remaining year. A police spokesman said: ‘At the moment, the police are in numbers at the station and everything is under control.’

Belgian Soldiers Foil Terrorist Attack in Brussels. The station and main square have been evacuated and police and Belgian military are at the scene. The Central Station is one of the busiest in the nation and soldiers could be seen patrolling there after the explosion. It was evacuated along with the Belgian Capital’s Grand Place. A major tourist site about 656 feet away. Rail company spokeswoman Elisa Roux said that trains were diverted from the station and buses sent out to take passengers to the area.


The latest news is Brussels central station suicide bomber shot down. “The suspect was neutralized by soldiers,” Van Der Sypt said. He later confirmed the suspect was dead but declined to identify him or say if he was known to authorities.

Belgian Soldiers Foil Terrorist Attack in Brussels
Brussels central station suicide bomber shot down


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