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British researchers found evidence that when you eat can affect your body clock. When they moved meal times forward by five hours in volunteers, they found changes in the human body clock. Maintain your food timing is better than jet lag treatments.

“A five-hour delay in meal times causes a five-hour delay in our internal blood sugar rhythms,” said Jonathan Johnston of the University of Surrey.  “We think that is due to modifications in clocks in our metabolic tissues. But not the ‘master’ clock inside the brain.” The findings might help human beings combat jet lag. May cause methods to assist shift people. Your mealtime has a massive impact on matters inclusive of your glucose manage. Perhaps we can provide you with techniques to assist human beings conquer a number of the problems of shift work. in the intervening time, people will use things like the timing of light publicity and supplements together with melatonin.

What we are expecting is it will be a similar timing for your food as properly?

Johnston and associates installation a severe test the usage of 10 volunteers. They requested to them precisely time their food for some days.  Then delivered them into the lab for cautious manage. Converting the timing of meals and their exposure to light. Johnston said, “They lived in the lab for nearly two weeks,”.  At first the volunteers, all young men, kept a regular, normal schedule with meals at somewhat conventional times. Jet lag cure melatonin, but it’s risky for health.

Then they stored the volunteers conscious with the lighting fixtures on for 37 hours directly. Feeding them light snacks each hour. Sooner or later, they delayed meals for 5 hours. Whilst maintaining sleep and light schedules at ordinary hours for 6 days straight. Johnston’s crew tested the men’s blood. And tissue frequently throughout the experiments to look what converting meal times would do. What they observed had been adjustments in blood glucose stages. However now not blood lipids or insulin. They suggested in the journal contemporary Biology. They 

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also found changes in the activity of a gene called PER2, which is involved in circadian rhythms and sleep disorders. You should also try to adjust your eating schedule in the two to three days before your flight. Have your meals closer to when you will be eating them at your destination so your body gets used to the new meal times. No need to use Melatonin jet lag calculator.

Johnston said, “We anticipated seeing some delays in rhythms after the late meals”.  But the size of the change in blood sugar rhythms was surprising. It was a small study and involved just 10 young men, but it fits in with other studies on meal timing. The American Heart Association has advice on timing meals. Johnston said, “We know that shift workers are more likely to have obesity”. Because clocks aren’t properly synchronized.

Avoid jet lag sleep calculator:

Try and stay awake as long as possible. Sleeping at this time can throw your body’s sleeping schedule off, and disrupt your normal sleeping times. They rejuvenate your body and give you a lot more energy for the afternoons. You can avoid jet lag sleep calculator.



When you’re flying across time zones, it can take your body some time to adjust. You can avoid jet lag by preparing properly for your flight. Once you land, make sure you expose yourself to natural sunlight and follow the local time to avoid jet lag.

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