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Trump bodyguard dispatched on McDonald’s runs due to the fact white house food no longer yummy sufficient

enjoyable for Donald Trump

The office of president of the united states comes with numerous privileges. From being the leader of the most effective state on the earth to getting access to the nuclear codes. The maximum enjoyable for Donald Trump. However, seems to be the food state of affairs and what a state of affairs it’s far. Almost right now after being sworn in, Trump had the white house residence kitchen stocked with Lay’s potato chips. At dinners, he’s said to get scoops of ice cream in place of the requisite one given to anybody else. Besides for mike pence, who eats a fruit plate and he reportedly sent his bodyguard out to get McDonald’s. He preferred to the meals specifically made within the white residence kitchen.

white house kitchen team of workers

A new article in politico appears on the tenure of former bodyguard turned aide Keith Schiller. As he’s set to be interviewed by means of the residence intelligence committee as a part of its Russia research. In component, it mentions this bit approximately how schiller indulged the president’s gastronomical whims and while the white house kitchen team of workers. They couldn’t suit the delight of 1 / 4-pounder with cheese and a fried apple pie. It turned into schiller, bodyguard and trump whisperer.  They could head down New York road to McDonald’s on a stealth rapid meals run. Schiller left his function in September. At the point we will only count on someone else was tasked with making sure trump maintains to receive a steady-enough stream of McDonald’s to hold him placated. The former head of security at Trump Tower. Schiller will likely be asked about the president’s 2013 trip to Moscow to attend the Miss Universe pageant. A visit that is at the center of an explosive dossier of allegations compiled by veteran British spy Christopher Steele.

enjoyable for Donald Trump


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