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Minas Gerais is a good natural place for enjoying vacation. The calm cities of Minas Gerais and the typical baroque churches tell part of the history of Brazil. It is the second most populous and the fourth largest state in terms of its geographical area. The area now known as Minas Gerais was renowned for its being rich in gold, gems and diamonds. The State is home to an important architectural and artistic collection of the Brazilian colonial period, preserved in world-famous places such as Ouro Preto, and Diamantina part of the Estrada Real. When you want to visit Minas Gerais. You should know about Minas Gerais travel guide.

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The Serra da Canastra National Park is one of the main attractions of Minas Gerais. With its lush waterfalls and diverse flora and fauna. It attracts lovers of sports such as trekking and climbing. Belo Horizonte was the first Brazilian city to be planned, and emerged at the end of the 19th century. It was there that the modernist architect Oscar Niemeyer has built the Pampulha Art Museum, one of his first creations. It’s one of the most expressive contemporary art collections in the world. To cross the Estrada Real is to live the culture of Minas Gerais. Most place you can be visited on foot, by bicycle, on horseback or by car, and include attractions surrounded by nature, culture and art.

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Minas is a nation which any meal is a gastronomic experience.  Except being tasty, local food is commonly served in wood stoves and has as a primary feature its range. There are relevant marketplace and in restaurants across the kingdom.

There are many ways to execute a big journey. Searching for the best viewing spot. The only thing everybody has in common is that we all want to feel freedom. During the past year I’ve experienced various ways of travel, different groups, different goals & several completely different kind of journeys. Today’s post I will try to express my thoughts about the whole term traveling. Thank you.

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