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There is no better sunset to enjoy with your partner than under the fiery skies of Greece. Travelers can easily island-hop with ferries services from local travel agencies including Greek. In the summer, it’s dream about being of these gorgeous and unique beaches. Today we write the article about some beautiful which Greece best beaches.


It’s a nice beach in Greece. A short, 10-minute ferryboat ride from Laconia. In the southeastern Peloponnese brings to this tiny island. Where fine white sand gives the water it’s incredible cyan color. The area still seems untouched, even despite the throngs of families that visit every year.  Thanks to the relative safety of the lagoon for kids. The area is also popular for its campsite, a stone’s throw from the beach. It is the best islands to visit in Greece.


Andros is particularly popular among hikers thanks to its award-winning network of trails. Grias to Pidima features a massive rock rising out of the water and can be reached either by boat. Its curious name means ‘where the old woman jumped’. According to the most popular version of the story.  An elderly woman betrayed the Greeks during the Turkish occupation by opening a gate to the castle. Ashamed of her movements, she jumped from the rock to her death.

best islands to visit in Greece


It’s tricky to pick just one favorite beach from Sithonia. The middle leg of Halkidiki. After all, this region in mainland Greece is famous for its shores. Kavourotripes, meaning ‘crab holes,’ is for those who prefer not to get into the car with sandy feet. Spread a towel onto the grayish-white rocks, in the shade of the pine trees. You can enjoy the place with your lover silently.


It looks like a heaven beach. It is the best places in Greece. The white, volcanic rocks on this Cycladic island have created fascinating seabed for snorkeling fans. In their you can find the meaning of life. Overall it’s a different beach from others. It is the best islands to visit in Greece.


The beach is most attraction place for traveler. At the lagoon situated in the northwestern tip of Crete. The waters are so shallow you can walk from one shore to the other. Access is either by boat, foot, or a donkey carrying you across the stone track. During peak season it gets pretty busy so stick to the quieter months if you want to avoid the crowds.

Finally, we can say, every people love to travel. So for your lovely vacation you can follow these destination for your enjoy.

best islands to visit in Greece


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