insulted as beggars

China’s smartphone maker Oppo mobile company has accused the Indians of being insulted as beggars. There has been a storm over the social network. The Oppo Authority, however, interpreted this as a ‘communication mistake’.

On July 15, the staff of the Oppo’s manager was accused of writing letters to the insulting Indian workers. The letter started after the spread of social media through Facebook, criticism started. The company fell under the pressure of the company. After the trouble with the service team of the Punjab in India, the letter spreads. A letter signed by the officer’s office alleged that the insult was written. After the management of the official statement from Oppo service team. The letter alleged that the management of the Oppo service team manager Arun Sharma was misbehaving.

official statement from Oppo

The letter is objectionable about India’s culture and country. In a written letter to the management department of Oppo management, Indians say ‘only for money’ They have no ‘respect and dignity’. It is also said that ‘Indians who seek money all the time are beggars’. The letter said that the service team was asked to resign. Arun Sharma, however, told the Indian Express that nobody had resigned from the letter. Author, who has done this, asked him to take appropriate punishment and asked him to take appropriate punishment. Oppo denies the reports.


According to a spokesman for mobile phones Oppo, NDTV said that the misunderstanding between management and service team has ended. But he refused to comment on the correctness of the letter. Our spokesman said they are aware of the latest news. This is because of the misunderstanding between the two parties. The company will try its best to avoid such misunderstandings in the future.

Oppo mobile company


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