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YouTube cuts ties with internet star Logan Paul

YouTube on Wednesday punished one of its Logan Paul's

YouTube has cut ties with US internet star Logan Paul following his debatable video showing the body of a suicide sufferer.

Cut ties with Logan Paul: The company said it had suspended its unique projects with the 22-year-antique blogger, who has greater than 15 million subscribers. And he might now not appear in its comedy series foursome. Paul’s channels have additionally been eliminated from YouTube’s Google desired platform. Which functions its most famous content material in applications on the market to advertisers. It follows the large backlash over Paul’s video entitled “We observed a dead body inside the Japanese suicide wooded area”. Which confirmed him and his pals guffawing on the frame of a person placing in Japan’s Aokigahara forest. Logan Paul posted the video of Japanese ‘suicide forest’.  Paul later apologized for the clip. And Japanese social media erupted for ‘suicide forest’ video. Which become viewed extra than one million instances earlier than it becomes taken down, saying it becomes “Wrong” and “Misguided”. A YouTube spokesman stated: “In mild of recent events. We’ve decided to do away with Logan Paul’s channels from google favored. “Moreover, we can now not feature Logan in season 4 of the foursome and his new originals are on maintain.”

YouTube responds to controversial video

YouTube on Wednesday punished one of its Logan Paul’s. In an open letter in advance this week, YouTube stated, “Suicide isn’t always a joke, nor have to it ever be a riding force for perspectives”. The web page introduced that Paul’s video violated its pointers. And it turned into “Searching at in addition effects”. Paul has now not published any video in the past week, saying he became “Taking time to reflect.” YouTube responds to the controversial video. He published an apology following criticism of the controversial video, announcing he, “Must have placed the cameras down. And stopped recording what we have been going via”. The blogger introduced: “For my fans who are protecting my moves, please don’t. They do now not deserve to be defended.

cut ties with Logan Paul


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