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3 Beautiful Spring Destination

best places to go for spring break with kids

Spring is taking up the arena, turning the greyish landscapes into aromatic colorful mirages. Nature is waking up and people all over the world spend more and more time outside. Here are some places where to go on vacation for spring break travelers might be the happiest.

Bonn, Germany

Europeans have embraced the Asian Cherry Blossom pageant. Blooming Sakura makes people glad in various European cities. In Bonn, the blossoming timber creates this great tunnel avenue. The locals and visitors take time to spend in the old town and admire the trees. When to go there? Usually, Sakuras start blooming here in April. Why go there? Bonn is found near Düsseldorf and Cologne – the three cities worth visiting once in the area. This is the best places to visit in April.

Columbia River Gorge, Pacific Northwest, USA.

This is good places to go for spring break. The canyon stretches for 130 km alongside the Columbia River and is stunning on its personal. However, the changing seasons add an additional attraction. In spring thousands of sunflowers in the unspoiled surroundings create a breathtaking landscape. Why move there? Unspoiled nature, striking landscapes, various activities – kitesurfing, fishing, biking and other sports. When to go there? All year round. For the sunflowers go there in spring and summer.

good places to go for spring break

Tulip pageant, The Netherlands

The United States that produces the most tulips in the world becomes protected in colorfully striped fields of the blossoming plant life. Visitors can admire them not only in the parks but also simply by traveling around the country and passing tulip fields on their way.  When to move there? In mid-April. If the winter is warm and short, go there from late March. Where to go?

The stunning tulip fields lie in the Noordoostpolder, Keukenhof Gardens and many other places in the country. Best places to go for spring break with kids.

During the spring, if you go to this place, you will enjoy many natural scenes. The top places affordable places to go for spring break.

where to go on vacation for spring break


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