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How to Back Up SMS Messages on Your Android Phone

Backup your SMS

In case you’re an android person and need to delete the records in your telephone, then you definitely recognize that there are some of the right alternatives for backing up your cell phone first. A variety of this can be completed through the cloud so that the content material can be introduced returned without difficulty. Backup your SMS, MMS and call log automatically – Android customization. But backing up your SMS inbox calls for using the 0.33-party equipment. How to backup and save text messages on an Android phone. There are a number of one-of-a-kind options on google play, however, the query will become which one need to you operate. Maximum of the famous ones require getting admission to your Gmail account to mechanically create and restore the backups. However, if you are not cozy giving this type of getting admission to. How to Save Text Messages on Android. We have an awesome alternative you may attempt, which we used ourselves as well to backup SMS messages on our android cell phone.

Creating a backup of your Android phone’s SMS messages

To create a backup of all your SMS messages, you’ll need to start by installing Carbonite SMS Backup and Restore on your phone. How to Backup Text Messages on Android.

How to Save Text Messages on Android

How to backup text messages on android without the app. Please follow these steps:

. On the appreciated screen, tap on Getting Started.

. You’ll need to allow access to documents (to spare the reinforcement), contacts, SMS (clearly), and oversee telephone calls (to reinforcement your call logs). Continue tapping Allow on each of the four pop-ups.

. Tap Set up a reinforcement.

. Flip telephone cancels on the off chance that you just need to go down your writings. You can likewise tap Advanced alternatives in the event that you need to go down MMS or chose discussions; allow this to sit unbothered on the off chance that you need to move down your whole content document.

. Tap Next.

. Presently, utilizing the switches, select where you need to make the reinforcement. You can pick Google Drive or Dropbox, yet in the event that you would prefer not to give get to then you can turn on the flip for Your telephone, and afterward duplicate the record physically.

. In case you’re alright with the default organizer tap on OK, generally tap on Browse and discover the envelope you need to spare the reinforcement in.

. Once that is done, tap on Next, and afterward in the popup, tap on Yes.

. You can either set a reinforcement plan from the switches before you or kill the Schedule repeating reinforcements flip. At that point, tap on Back Up Now.


Hope now you can Back Up your all massages.

How to Backup Text Messages on Android


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