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Best and Most Secure Locations to Journey Alone in Asia

best destinations to travel alone

Taking off on a solo adventure in Asia? where is a good place to travel alone? Have no fear! Here highlight the great, friendliest and safest locations to travel by myself in Asia!

1. Vietnam

This is the best destinations to travel alone. When it comes to protection, Vietnam is, arms down, one in every of your quality bets in Asia. In 2017, worldwide peace index ranked Vietnam as the 59th most secure U.S. In the international, beating the likes of us, Greece, and South Africa. Our listing of the best and safest places to journey on my own in Asia: you’ll be swept into bliss through its spellbinding attractions, including ha long bay, my son sanctuary, Sapa’s landscapes, and the sand dunes of Mui Ne.

2. Singapore

where to travel solo? Singapore has been, for years, respected as one of the most secure towns in the world and the best place for solo travel. As a count number of reality, the economist intelligence unit in 2015 ranked Singapore as the second most secure metropolis in the global. As with any top destination in Asia, you received run out of a laugh and thrilling things to do in Singapore. Foodies, for instance, get their culinary restoration with Singapore’s diverse cuisine and the wide array of delectable nearby staples, such as satay, ice kacang, and bird rice. Meanwhile, Instagram junkies will locate nirvana within the city’s astonishing sights, just like the Singapore flyer, gardens by the bay and Buddha tooth relic temple.

3. Osaka, Japan

 Osaka definitely has the makeup of a top-notch Asian destination for Pinoy solo tourists. As with Japan’s capital, Osaka is extremely secure for each solo traveler. And was even indexed as second at the economist safe index in 2015. Furthermore, the town is loaded with enchanting attractions and points of interest, which includes Kamigata Ukiyoe museum, maritime museum, Osaka citadel, Shitennōji temple, and Tsūtenkaku. This is the safest places to travel alone.

tourist destinations in Asia

4. Taiwan

Tourist destinations in Asia Taiwan. It has some supremely scenic websites, and its capital city – Taipei – is a vibrant entertainment and culture hub. Plus, Taiwan’s delicacies are enormously regarded all around the international, which makes it an ideal destination for food-loving solo vacationers. As some distance as safety is involved, it’s one of the exceptional in Asia, with Taipei ranked as the arena’s 13th most secure metropolis in 2015.

5. Mongolia

This is the beautiful places in Asia. Want to head somewhere particular and stale the crushed direction? So quick percent your bags, and book a journey to Mongolia! No longer your normal take-it-easy and high-magnificence intentional destination. Mongolia is a match location for the adventurous and open-minded. Right here, you’ll get to immerse fully into the real nomadic Mongolian way of life as well as apprehend their methods of life. In addition, it is a rugged and the majestic U.S. That boasts a diverse lifestyle and a myriad of herbal wonders.

On top of it all, Seoul remarkably secure for solo travelers, in spite of its immense size.

this is the beautiful places in Asia


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