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Cambodian Coast travel manual

best places to stay in Cambodia

Best places in Cambodia to visit. Following years of neglect and isolation when it was practically cut off from the rest of the country due to security issues in the hinterland. The Cambodian coast has been unexpectedly advanced as a vacationer vacation spot over the past few years. Foreign investors have joined local businessmen in developing hotels, resorts, and better-quality restaurants. The cost functions palm-fringed beaches, a scattering of motels and some lovely offshore islands. A short distance inland is a chain of national parks and a few spectacular mountain surroundings.

Places to visit on the Cambodian Coast

must see places in Cambodia


Kampot, the capital of the eponymous province, is a small, relaxed town of around 33,000 people. Just 5km (3 miles) inland, by the banks of the Sanke River, there is a coastal feel to the place which adds to its rather languid appeal. A series of narrow, colonnaded streets lead west from the main central roundabout to the riverfront. Although in need of restoration, there are some fine examples of French and Chinese architecture to be seen in this Warren, as well as the best of Kampot’s restaurants. There are some particularly handsome colonial buildings in this area, notably the Governor’s Residence and the main post office at the southern end of the riverfront. Fishing boats cluster on the far side of the Sanke River.

Bokor National Park

The Chuor Phnom Damrei, a wild area of wildlife-wealthy forests. And sheer rock outcrops about 40km (25 miles) northwest of Kampot. a part of the range is covered by the Bokor National Park. within that’s the 1,079-metre (three,506ft) high former hill station of Bokor. The hill resort was constructed by way of the French within the early 1920s. However, later fell on hard instances underneath the Communist guerrillas and the Khmer Rouge. The hillsides still harbor the danger of landmines. So visitors should keep to the tracks. There has been an only modest encroachment by development. Bokor is a treasure trove of endangered species. Tigers, elephants, gaur, leopards, and langurs are found in the jungles.


Once a holiday haven for the rich. in recent times Sihanoukville’s is packed at weekends with visitors from the capital. because of the country’s third-most-visited traveler destination. it is seeing a steadily increasing number of foreign visitors. And may be crowded during the dry season. There are numerous resorts and guesthouses of all classes, with many run with the aid of expatriate Westerners. Sihanoukville’s eating places offer a wide choice of cuisines. And seafood is fresh and plentiful. The main activities are, as one might suspect, sunbathing and swimming. There’s also good snorkeling and fishing. even as diving trips are available with experienced dive instructors. In all, Sihanoukville’s has about 10km (6 miles) of beachfront, divided into 4 main beaches. The nightlife right here is the liveliest in the country. Best places to stay in Cambodia.

Koh Kong

This is the best place to stay in Koh Kong. Koh Kong – confusingly the name of the province, the provincial capital, and an offshore island – is a fast-developing island resort, a beautiful tropical backwater which is establishing itself as a leading eco­tourism centre: the nearby Koh Kong Conservation Corridor encompasses the Cardamom Mountains, Peam Krasaop Wildlife Sanctuary, Koh Por and Tatai waterfalls, Koh Kong Island, Southern and Central Cardamoms Protected Forests, and a portion of Botum Sakor National Park. All of these sights present endless outdoor activities and opportunities to see endangered species.

However, the place is so popular for its own beauty. If you want to pass a great vacation, you must see places in Cambodia. This is amazing places in Cambodia.

best place to stay in Koh Kong


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