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Fifty Chinese Couples Marry in Sri Lanka in Mass Ceremony

Sri Lanka holds mass wedding

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP): Fifty Chinese couples had been married at a mass ceremony in Sri Lanka’s capital to mark the 60 anniversary of diplomatic members of the family among the two countries and to promote the island nation as a tourist destination. The couples protected newly-weds as well as already married couples aiming to re-dedicate their marriages, officials stated. A few had been dressed in the traditional apparel of Sri Lanka’s mountainous important vicinity while others wore Chinese or western clothes at the main ceremony in the central Colombo area. The ceremony in Colombo was attended by Sri Lankan politicians and diplomats from both countries. Some of the Chinese nationals attended as nicely. Soon after the couples arrived in adorned motors. The ceremony commenced with conventional Sri Lankan drummers. And dancers blowing conch shells as a symbol of auspiciousness and acting a welcome dance.

50 couples get married in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka holds the mass wedding. The couples exchanged rings and had their fingers tied together. And water poured over them in Sri Lankan Buddhist lifestyle as a signal of team spirit and purity. As schoolgirls chanted a blessing hymn. Sri Lankan government ministers passed the couples certificate of marriage and posed for pictures with them. Wedding ceremony in Colombo for Chinese couples. China has invested heavily in infrastructure initiatives in Sri Lanka. Colombo tourist attractions for the mass ceremony. 50 couples get married in Sri Lanka for a large number of Chinese tourists visit the South Asian island nation every year. Chinese vacationer arrivals in Sri Lanka had been growing and now account for around 13 percent of the two million tourists a year who visit the country, 2nd handiest to the quantity of Indian visitors, official records show.

Colombo tourist attractions for mass ceremony


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